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Chapter 2183: Steal

She did not want to experience the panic and weightlessness of a plane crash again.

“You cant go.

Young Master Liang and Master Cheng have already found where the captives are.

Theyre ready to act in 15 minutes.

So, you have to get out before Qian Yunen gets the news.

Our people are already approaching the place you mentioned.

Theyre all disguised as local farmers.”

Jiang Yao nodded and started to inquire about the situation.

There were not many people there.

Most were there to escort Qian Yunen on his helicopter ride, so only four or five people were guarding the front.

Jiang Yao considered everything she could still use in the medical system.

Then, she made some medicine.

It was not anything dangerous like neurotoxins but rather some strange pranking powder.

Among them, the most common was the itching powder.

Once a person touched it, they would itch so badly that they would want to scratch a layer of skin.

The only way to relieve the itching was to bathe with mint water.

Those people probably assumed Jiang Yao could not escape because she had been fed some sleeping pills and abortion drugs.

She would not leave without seeing her husband because she was there to see him.

Jiang Yao was thrown into the room with her hands and feet untied.

She would not be there if they did not do that.

She would waste a lot of time if she were imprisoned.

Jiang Yao landed and checked to make sure she was not injured before proceeding to the door.

A group of people was there, playing with crickets.

It was good because Jiang Yao could handle them at the same time.

A handful of powder would be sufficient to catch them all at once.

The people in the room had already quietly walked out and approached them while the group played very earnestly.

They only realized it when their vision turned white.

Their body itched terribly before they snapped back to their senses.

They stopped playing with the crickets.

They were scratching their ears like wild monkeys.

They were constantly screaming, and their hands were constantly scratching.

Jiang Yao saw the opportunity and pounced on the driver.

She took a key from the pocket of his coat and ran to the car.

She unlocked the car, got into it, and started the car.

It only took Jiang Yao a few seconds.

When those people snapped back to their senses, she had already stepped on the accelerator and drove the car away.

“Did you get the car The car that picked you up has already reached the intersection.

They are going up, and you are going down.

Be careful.”

“Okay,” Jiang Yao replied swiftly, and she put all her attention on the road.

At that time, Jiang Yao had to thank her experience from her past life.

She focused her attention intensely so that she could drive the car steadily.

Jiang Yao could confidently state that while the road was not the most difficult she had ever driven, it was the most dangerous.

The people on the other side noticed that the car had been driven away, but they did not react.

They kept scratching until someone noticed that the door of the room where they held Jiang Yao was open.

Only then did they rush in and realize who had stolen the keys and stolen the car.

Jiang Yao could see the car chasing her, so she had no choice but to accelerate.

She was afraid that if she were not careful, she would crash into the cliff..

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