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Chapter 2182: Twisting Ones Words And Reasoning

“I dont know whos twisting their words and reasoning.” Jiang Yao saw that Qian Yunen had stopped talking, so she started to bother him again.

She wanted to stall for time.

The more she spoke, the better she could stall for time.

One minute was another minute earned.

“Yes, the winner takes everything.

A catfish that fell into my hands and at my mercy.” Qian Yunen was not angry anymore.

When he spoke, he still showed an unattainable air of arrogance.

Then, he said, “Didnt we prepare a gift for her Have someone bring it up.”

As soon as Qian Yunen finished speaking, someone came in and placed three cups of clear water on the table next to him.

“Dont blame me for not giving you a chance.

These are three cups of water.

Only one cup of water has no extra seasoning.

One of the two cups can kill, and one cup can save your wretched life.”

Jiang Yao laughed coldly in her heart.

Did she not see how the people outside poured the same medicine into each cup

The three cups of water were filled with the same medicine.

None of the cups of water were fine.

“My baby is innocent.” Jiang Yao was not afraid, but she still deliberately shrank back and acted as if she did not want to choose.

“If you dont choose, we will help you choose all three.” Qian Yunen smiled happily.

“Choose If you dont want to choose, then I will help you.

His laughter was like the devil.

Jiang Yao shuddered at Qian Yunens cold laughter.

“Will I be able to see my husband after this” Jiang Yao gritted her teeth and asked, “Where is he Is he okay”

“You should drink first.

If you are lucky enough to survive, I will take you to see your husband,” Qian Yunen said.

“Keep your word.” Jiang Yao picked up the cup in the middle and gulped it down.

The group of people burst into laughter when they saw Jiang Yaos fearless look.

Qian Yunen said, “Look at how scared she is.

Its just a bowl of water with ordinary abortion drugs.

Is there a need to be so afraid I will reunite you with your family soon.

Your child will die with you.

I want Lu Xingzhi to see his child die with his own eyes.

I feel wonderful when I think about it.

Jiang Yao rolled her eyes discreetly.

That was a huge letdown for that little pervert.

That water would not be able to poison her to death.

Qian Yunen and the others knew it was not an immediate abortion even if she drank the abortion medicine, so they did not urge her.

They were still happy.

It would be best if Jiang Yao could hold on until she saw Lu Xingzhi before she lost the baby.

Qian Yunen gritted his teeth.

He had to let those two experience the pain of being separated from their own flesh and blood and feel the despair.

A concerned voice immediately came through the communication device after the group of people left.

“Are you alright What did they give you to drink What did they inject you with What state are you in now”

“Im fine,” Jiang Yao said.

“I think theyll take me away in a helicopter later.

[t would be fine if she went to Danmu town, but what if she went elsewhere instead

Or, if they discovered that the Liang and Chen families were looking for her, she would be a convenient sacrifice.

She would not be able to respond to them every day..

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