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Chapter 2178: What Else Could There Be

“These earrings and necklaces are also nice.

They appear to be valuable.

Listen, that womans man is extremely wealthy.

These items will undoubtedly be valuable if sold.” As a result, the earrings and necklaces were also divided.

Jiang Yao hid in a corner with a frightened look.

“Where are you taking me Didnt you say that you were taking me to see my husband Where is my husband”

“Whats the rush Arent we taking you now” the man in the car shouted.

“Dont worry.

Your man is still fine.

His arms and legs havent been dismembered yet.

Hes not dead yet.

Hes still breathing.”

“Still breathing Is he injured Did you guys attack him” Jiang Yao looked so worried that she was about to cry.

“Didnt I say not to touch him”

“Its your mans fault for being stubborn! We told him to talk to you, but he refused.

Our young master was angry, so he attacked him.

How can you blame our young master Its your mans fault for refusing that!” The big bearded man who was driving spat.

“He looks like a pretty boy, and hes a soldier.

But didnt we beat him up as well”Support our Bonnovel.c0m

“If you speak again, Ill cut off your tongue before we let you talk to the young master.” The person who kept the ring cursed coldly.

The bearded driver immediately quieted down.

Jiang Yao immediately understood.

The people in the car listened to the words of the person in the front passenger seat.

Besides the two people in the front, there were four other people in the car.

They looked like locals.

Jiang Yao knew that the car was heading toward Danmu Town.

After the car left the airport, it did not head toward Lanning.

Instead, it went around a remote path so they would not be discovered.

The car behind did not dare to follow too closely on that kind of path.

“Drink some water.” The person sitting in the front passenger seat suddenly handed a bottle of water to Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao was wary of that kind-hearted action because that person had given her the impression that he was not a kind person.

“Whats in the water” Jiang Yao asked.

“What can it be Its a long journey, and Im afraid you wont settle down, so Ill let you sleep.”

That person did not hide it.

Then, he looked at Jiang Yao with disdain.

“Youre afraid of death Drink it.

It wont poison you for the time being.

Its just some sleeping pills.”

After saying that, he cursed again.

“Coward, there are actually people who are afraid of death.”

Then, they laughed.

Jiang Yao looked fearful as she took the water.

Those people were speaking of death like they were not afraid at all.

There were people who were not afraid of death

They were a group of people who had gathered to do evil things and were not afraid of death.

Jiang Yao was speechless.

Then she looked at the water in her hand and pretended to drink it.

She raised her head and took a small sip.

When that person became impatient, she picked up the water and gulped down a few more mouthfuls with the look of a scared little rabbit.

She was unconcerned, even though there was a ton of medicine that could kill her.

They could not possibly bring her to Lanning just to poison her to death, so if they said it was a sleeping pill, it should be a sleeping pill.

Jiang Yao calculated how long it would take for the sleeping pill to take effect under normal conditions.

Then, she nodded as if she was very sleepy but did not dare to fall asleep, then dragged it out until the end and fell to the side as if she was bending over to protect the child in her stomach.

She appeared to be sleeping..

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