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Chapter 2170: It Makes Sense

“I will book a plane ticket.

Xingzhi is in the small town that borders Lanning.

The name of the town is Danmu Town.

From now on, you have 36 hours to find him and bring him out! If you find Xingzhi before I arrive at Lanning, I wont get off the plane when I arrive at the airport.

I will wait for you to pick me up from the plane.

If you havent found him by the time I arrive, I will try my best to stall for time.

I cant let them do anything to Xingzhi.”

Liang Yueze did not question Jiang Yao about how she had unexpectedly confirmed the location of Lu Xingzhi because he trusted Jiang Yao.

Furthermore, that was related to Lu Xingzhis safety.

Everyone had their own secrets.

As friends, they did not have to dig them out.

“Its best if you could send someone to bring my pet to Danmu Town with you.

Moes nose is very sensitive.

He is familiar with Xingzhis smell.

He can help you find Xingzhi faster,” Jiang Yao said.

“Sure, I will arrange for someone to pick Moe up.

I will also send you some communication devices and some armors.

If we cant find Xingzhi in 36 hours, you must always keep in touch with us.

I will help you book your ticket.

I will arrange for someone to sit with you.

They will be around to ensure your safety on the plane.”

“Okay!” Jiang Yao responded quickly, but then she remembered something.

Before hanging up the phone, she said, “I asked Master Cheng to help.

Dont let your people go against his people.

Contact Master Cheng and then act together.

Master Chengs people have their benefits.

Most of them are from Luo City, so no one will notice them.

Perhaps they can first go to the small town to inquire about the situation there, and your people can enter the small town after that.

Jiang Yao had never been to Danmu Town, so she had no idea how large it was.

Some small towns were smaller, and the fewer people there were, the more united and xenophobic the townspeople were.

The Liang family members were quite different from the people in Lanning.

They were mostly soldiers, so they had their own temperaments.

They would stand out as soon as they stood in the crowd; other people would be wary of them.

“Okay.” After Liang Yueze hung up the phone, he told Old Master Liang about Jiang Yaos plans.

“She asked the Cheng family for help.

It seems like shes scared.”

Old Master Liang nodded.

“Its good that she asked the Cheng family for help.

It makes sense.”

The person Liang Yueze sent to pick up Moe arrived at the same time as Cheng Jinnian.

Cheng Jinnian could not enter the army base, so Mr.

Jiang went to pick him up.

“Sister!” Cheng Jinnian pounced on Jiang Yao as soon as he saw her.

“Ill go to Lanning with you tomorrow! Father told Old Master Liang that I am a child.

Those bastards might let me go with you if you bring me along.

Ordinary people tend to look down on children, but Im actually quite good.”

Cheng Jinnian said, “My marksmanship is excellent!”

“No matter how good your marksmanship is, youre not allowed to go!” Jiang Yao replied to

Cheng Jinnian as the person that the Liang family had sent taught her how to use the devices.

Even though most people were not vigilant against children, the young would be vulnerable in a fight.

Children had little strength, and once they fought in close quarters, there was almost no chance of turning the situation around..

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