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Chapter 216: The Smell of Danger

“Whats going on” Jiang Yao asked gingerly, withdrawing her hands from Moe.

“I can smell danger on you.” Moe looked at Jiang Yao grimly.

After swiftly scanning his surroundings and determining that there was no imminent danger, he then relaxed and jumped down from her bed.

He drew closer and kept sniffing at her.

“For the love of God, you smell like that man! Both of your scents are intermingled.

Were you with him these past few days” Moe bolted back to his cat bed.

“Dont come close, I dont like his scent at all.”

“That man happens to be my husband.

Thats right, I was with him earlier.” Jiang Yao replied.

She did not expect a cat like Moe to have a dogs powerful sense of smell.

Moe glanced at Jiang Yao and replied nonchalantly, “Exactly! That is your husbands scent.

I smelled that exact odor back at your house too!”

“Whats wrong with his scent then” Only Jiang Yao could criticize her husband, no one else should be allowed to!

“The scent of someone strong.” Moe looked at Jiang Yao meaningfully.

“His scent tells me that he is an intense and dangerous character.

There is immense potential in his body.

I have to say, Jiang Yao, you do have a good eye for choosing a man.”

Moe spun around and showed his butt toward Jiang Yaos face.

Jiang Yao gave Moe a little poke on his back.

Seeing that he was not entertained, she lay on her bed.

“Would you say that animals are sensitive toward the smell of danger” Jiang Yao got curious and asked.

“We are sensitive toward the scent of the strong.” Moe corrected her and continued, “Our keen sense allows us to evade danger easily unlike humans who are just dumb.”

“Well thank you for that!” Jiang Yao retorted.

However, she took it as a compliment toward Lu Xingzhi.

It was at this moment that Jiang Yao realized why Moe had vanished after saving her but had shown up here at her school.

He had waited until Lu Xingzhi had left before appearing.

Moe could smell Lu Xingzhis scent, thus, he subconsciously avoided him.

The Lu family home was where Lu Xingzhi grew up, a place filled to the brim with his scent.

That was why Moe did not show up there.

Moe had followed Jiang Yao to Nanjiang Medical University and waited until Lu Xingzhi left before coming up to her.

One could say that Moe was trying to avoid the smell of danger, but in reality, he was afraid of Lu Xingzhi and was evading him intuitively.

Jiang Yao could never understand how animals, even a noble pet-butler like Moe, could sense a different beings scent and determine that it was dangerous.

This might be similar to what a human would call the sixth sense.

Wen Xuehui finally came out of the bathroom, albeit with swollen eyes.

It was obvious that she had been crying.

She was a strong woman.

Holding on to her emotions, she had broken down in the bathroom, not wishing for anyone to see how vulnerable she was.

Jiang Yao pretended not to notice Wen Xuehuis facial expressions.

Just then, Zhou Xiaoxia and the others all came back.

Zhou Xiaoxia ran toward Jiang Yao in excitement.

“Youre finally back, Jiang Yao! You would not believe what happened at school while you were away!”

Li Yi added.

“Yeah! We heard that the Zhang family got into trouble with someone else.

The entire family except for Zhang Xiqing is now behind bars! Who would have thought!”

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