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Chapter 2166: Im Not Surprised

“Im not sure who it is, but he said Xingzhi is in his hands.

Hes giving me 36 hours.

If I dont go there within 36 hours, he will hack Xingzhi into pieces and send me two to three pieces a day.” Jiang Yaos teeth were trembling.

“He said that Xingzhi is in his hands, but I did not hear his voice.

Im not sure if its true, and Im not sure if hes lying to me.”

Jiang Yao took a piece of tissue and wiped the sweat off her palms.

Then, she held the tissue and calmed down.

She could not panic.

Lu Xingzhi was not by her side.

She had to make decisions about everything.

She was not the kind of person who would panic when something happened.

She could handle everything by herself in the past, but she could still do it then.

She could not become useless just because she relied too much on Lu Xingzhi.

“Dad, Mom, dont be anxious.

Ill call Xingzhis brother and ask the Liang family to help find out where Xingzhi is.

If Chen Feitangs father did not know, Mr.

Liang would definitely be able to find out.”

Jiang Yao had not even finished speaking when she dialed Liang Yuezes number.

It was still early.

Liang Yuezes voice when he picked up the phone was still hoarse from being woken up.

However, there was some seriousness in his voice.

He knew that Jiang Yao would not have called him so early if it were not an emergency.

“Big Brother, I just received a call from a man.

He said that Xingzhi was in his hands.

Xingzhi had been in Lanning for a few days, and his phone had been switched off.

Help me check if Xingzhi is safe.” Jiang Yao spoke quickly, and it could be seen how anxious she was.

Liang Yueze woke up in an instant.

“He said that Xingzhi is in his hands Do you have evidence Tell me slowly and in detail.”

Jiang Yao told him everything that man had said, including the fact that she did not know if the man she heard on the phone was real or fake, that he had punched and kicked another person.

“He gave me 36 hours.

He told Xingzhi to speak to me, but I didnt hear his voice.

But I heard the man doing something to someone.”

Liang Yueze nodded to himself.

“Ill talk to my grandfather.

Stay calm.”

Liang Yueze hurriedly put on his clothes and went out of the bedroom.

Fortunately, he had stayed at home last night, so he could find his grandfather, who had been practicing martial arts in the yard early in the morning.

The old man stopped when he saw Liang Yueze walking toward him in his pajamas.

He asked, “Looking for me” If he were not looking for him, Liang Yueze would not have appeared in the yard dressed like that.

“Something seems to have happened to Xingzhi.

Jiang Yao just called me.” Liang Yueze relayed

Jiang Yaos words to the old man.

“I need you to call the Lanning unit to ask about the situation.”

“Did she hear anything She didnt hear his voice.

Maybe the other party is lying.” Old Master Liang shook his hand, but his brows furrowed.

“Given Xingzhis personality, Im not surprised that he would grit his teeth and not make a sound even if he were beaten to death,” Liang Yueze said.

“Jiang Yao is pregnant.

Xingzhi wont allow her to go to Lanning alone.”

Liang Yueze knew Lu Xingzhi would rather be beaten to death than let Jiang Yao know that he was there and take risks to see him.

After all, Jiang Yao was pregnant..

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