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Chapter 2163: He Moved

Jiang Yao touched the baby in her stomach, feeling very depressed.

“I wish Im forgetful.

Perhaps Ill forget about worrying about your father.

I wont have to worry about anything.

Ill just be here to welcome him home.”

“Youre too funny.” Mrs.

Jiang shook her head repeatedly, laughing so much that even the wrinkles on her face could be seen.

“If your husband finds out what you said, do you think he will be angry with you It means he has spoiled you so much that you even want to forget about him.”

“Mom, why dont you see how torturous this is” Jiang Yao curled her lips and rubbed her stomach.

“Tell Grandma, am I right Your father is terrible, right”

Jiang Yao did not think the child would give her any answer, but she never expected that the child in her stomach would suddenly move.

She did not know if it was a small hand or a small foot that lightly tapped on her palm.

Jiang Yao was so shocked that she forgot to blink.

“Mom! Dad! The baby kicked me! He moved!” Jiang Yao returned to her senses and quickly pulled her mothers arm.

She pulled Mrs.

Jiangs hand and put it on her stomach.

“Mom, touch it.

The baby moved just now.”

“Oh, really Let me touch it!” Mrs.

Jiang was excited and said, “Youre four months along, and hes just moving now.

I didnt expect the baby to move when his father was not even here.

Let him touch your belly when he comes back.”

However, the baby did not move after Mrs.

Jiang put her hand on Jiang Yaos belly.

She knew that it was normal.

She retracted her hand and continued to speak with Jiang Yao about the child.

She also wanted to divert Jiang Yaos attention away from Lu Xingzhi.

“When I was pregnant with your big brother, your father put his hand on my stomach after your brother moved for the very first time.

However, your father was terrified.

I was only four months along when your father asked when the baby would come out.” Mrs.

Jiang still thought that the story was funny.

Jiang Yao touched his nose, feeling a little embarrassed.

Everything was new and unknown when he became a father for the first time.

That was why he had such a silly question.

Jiang Yaos eyes curved as she listened, and she could not help but laugh.

Her mood was much better.

She lowered her head and rubbed her stomach, saying, “Your father is a bad guy.”

Just as Jiang Yao finished speaking, the baby kicked her again.

She exclaimed in surprise.


I scold your father, you kick me.

You agree with me, right Lu Xingzhi is a big bad guy! Lu

Xingzhi is a big bad guy! Lu Xingzhi is a b*stard!”

“The baby is kicking you because he thinks youve been speaking nonsense.” Mrs.

Jiang smiled.

“How can you say that to a baby”

“Thats nothing special.

Maybe she wanted the baby to learn that while hes young,” Mr.

Jiang said teasingly.

Jiang Yao pouted and said, “Im sleepy.

Im going to be.

Dad and Mom, you should rest early too.” Then, she got up.

After saying that, she rubbed her belly and returned to the bedroom.

After Lu Xingzhi left, her parents stayed in the study, so it was easier for them to take care of Jiang Yao.

Jiang Yao unbuttoned her clothes and continued rubbing her belly as soon as she entered the bedroom.

“Your father is a bad guy!” she said to the child through her stomach.

“Hes so bossy.

He doesnt let me drink soda.

I want to eat durian, but he looks like hes annoyed with me.

When youre here, well eat durian together!”

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