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Chapter 2160: Medicine

Chen Feitang had apologized to her at the airport.

Jiang Yao had never met Chen Feitang again, nor had she heard from her since.

Maybe Chen Feitang had come to her senses and realized her error.

She had been very well-behaved.

Lu Xingzhi had contacted his Lanning unit comrades several times, but he had not heard anyone mention Chen Feitangs name.

When Chen Feitang joined the Lanning unit, she appeared to have become very low-key.

Many people were unaware of Chen Feitangs shocking background.

“Really Alright, Ill ask the old man later and send her phone number to you,” Chen Feibai muttered softly, “I dont know whats wrong with her.

She actually stayed in the Lanning unit for so long.

I thought she was just putting on a show for me.”

After muttering to himself, Chen Feibai said, “Forget it, forget it.

Lets not talk about her.

Did you ask how Zheng Yi and I have been doing recently

“Well, Im really enjoying my time here.

Even though the girls here are rather dark-skinned, they all look very innocent.

They blush when they talk to me.

Its fascinating when they tease me.

Oh, right, that silly woman, Zheng Yi, was injured.

Two days ago, when we were chasing the poachers, one of them stabbed her foot.

The wound is quite extensive.

The local doctor said that it was fortunate that there was no harm to the bone.

Otherwise, shed be in big trouble.”

“Its a good thing that she did not hurt her bones.

Most of the thieves are fugitives who have real guns and bullets in their hands.

Its also a good thing that it was only a stab wound.

You two have to be careful over there.

Have you used up the medicine that I sent you” When she heard that Zheng Yi was injured, Jiang Yao wanted to persuade the two of them to return home.

However, she felt that it was probably useless to convince them.

Zheng Yi and Chen Feibai seemed to be having a good time.

“Medicine Medicine… medicine, that medicine,” Chen Feibai stuttered.

He glanced at Zheng Yi, who was glaring at him.

He thought for a moment and suddenly ran away.

As he ran, he said, “Hey, I finished the medicine quite some time ago, especially the hemostatic medicine.

I wanted you to send us more two months ago, but Zheng Yi refused.

She said that you must be tired while pregnant.

It must be hard to make the medicine for us.

She doesnt want you to be tired.”

Chen Feibai probably ran too fast and was panting, “Its not that Im selfish.

But if you have nothing to do, just spend maybe ten minutes a day making the medicine.

VVhen you have enough, please send them to us.

Oh, right, I almost forgot.

We also need some anti-mosquito medicine.

Zheng Yi and I used it as soon as we came here.

I told her that mosquitoes dont bite people here, but we used it up a month ago.

As soon as we came back, we were bitten until our faces were swollen.

Its not an exaggeration to say that the mosquitoes here are really fierce! Is there any medicine to keep our temperature regular The food here is too heaty, and they make our tempers flare.

Hey, what are you throwing at me, lady F*ck! You threw your stinky slippers at me! Have you forgotten that you stepped on ** in those shoes the last time you went out Ill kill you!

When she heard that, the phone beeped.

Jiang Yao held her phone and almost burst into tears from laughter.

Chen Feibai and Zheng Yi were much happier when they stayed together.

Jiang Yao found it very interesting when she reflected on the two of them being hospitalized together..

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