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Chapter 2158: I Guess So

It did not look like the person supporting Li Hong was very old.

Jiang Yao carefully thought about the title of a young master.

No matter how she looked at it, she felt it was comical.

Since the Emperors throne had been deposed for hundreds of years, it was common for the servants and wealthy families to address their children as young masters.

That was really impressive for a young master.

It was hardly ever heard of.

They might be from an association, a gang, or a powerful organization.

Then who was that young master

Was it Qian Yunen

Qian Yunen was only the illegitimate son of the down-and-out Qian family.

Was he capable of becoming the young master of such an organization

Then who was the old master

What was the point of that young master assisting Li Hong if he was not Qian Yunen

No family or friends would spend so much money to help Li Hong without any reason.

Jiang Yao did not think that Li Hong was an intelligent person who could be valued and used by others.

He could not have taken a fancy to Li Hong, could he

“Does Lanning have such a rich person” Mr.

Jiang was surprised by that and said, “People of our generation have never been outside.

However, in our opinion, Lanning has always been a poor place.

There is no fertile land there.

There is sand everywhere.

Some said it was a barbaric place.”

Everyone thought that Lanning was poor.

The women would never marry a Lanning man, no matter how far they traveled.

When everyone heard about Lanning, they would think of suffering, not having enough to eat, and not being able to wear warm clothes.


Jiangs question prompted Jiang Yao to consider something.

So, did the young master live or work in Lanning

There were not many wealthy people in Lanning.

It would not be difficult to investigate that person if they lived in Lanning.

Lu Xingzhi happened to be in Lanning at the same time.

Jiang Yao reasoned that she only needed to contact Lu Xingzhi and ask him to contact his comrades who knew Lanning better.

“Werent the rich people in every city the center of attention Just like how the Lu family was well-known in the small county town, so everyone in the small county town knew about the Lu familys situation.”

“Yaoyao, did that young master deliberately go against you because of Xingzhi” Mr.

Jiang was worried.

“Xingzhi has been in Lanning recently.

Could that person be doing something to Xingzhi in Lanning Give Xingzhi another call.

Why havent we been able to contact him for so many days The more I hear you mumbling, the more worried I am.


Jiang urged Jiang Yao several times.

“Hurry up and make a call.

If you cant get through, call the troops.

Didnt you go there last time Do you have the phone number of his comrades over there”

Jiang Yao shook her head.

She did not have any phone numbers of Lu Xingzhis comrades in the Lanning.

Jiang Yao paused again, and she immediately nodded.


Jiang was worried.

“Youre shaking your head and nodding your head again.

Do you have it or not”

“I guess so.”

Jiang Yao suddenly remembered a person.

Chen Feitang.

She was at the Lanning army base.

Last time, Jiang Yao met her on the plane.

Jiang Yao did not have Chen Feitangs phone number, but Chen Feibai would have it.

If she wanted to contact Chen Feitang, she could just call Chen Feibai and ask him..

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