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Chapter 2151: Great Kindness

That answer surprised Jiang Yao because Lu Xingzhi had just told her a few days before that the only remaining member of the Qian family was lying in a hospital bed, clinging to life with the help of his medicine and doctors.

“You mean Old Master Qian”

“Old Master Qians condition is very bad,” Jiang Yao said, her voice low and disbelieving.

“Is it possible he is confused, believing that the Qian familys destruction has anything to do with Xingzhi and me Is that why, even if he dies, he wants to drag me down with him He believes we killed his son, so he wants to kill my child and make me pay in blood so Id feel his loss as well”.

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“Old Master Qians condition is very bad.

He has not been awake for long lately.

Furthermore, the hospital stated that he had not seen any outsiders when he was awake.

He has always been alone.

No one has visited him,” Shao Fucheng said.

“The monkeys scatter when the tree falls.

Furthermore, before the Qian family fell, it dragged many people down, so everyone now wanted to avoid the Qian family.

As a result, no relatives or friends have ever visited Old Master Qian in the hospital.”

“The hospital did not have a phone, so Old Master Qian would not have a chance to call Sergeant

Hus father,” Shao Fucheng said.

“So that matter should have nothing to do with him.”

“Im a little confused by what you said.”

Jiang Yao rubbed her temples.

“Lets start from the beginning.

Tell me, how did Sergeant Hus father have anything to do with the Qian family Why would he work for the Qian family”

“Sergeant Hus father was a soldier in the northern military region when he was young.

He made a significant mistake during a mission.

That mistake almost led to his being court-martialed by the Qian family.

Then, the matter was settled.

When the accident happened, Sergeant Hus mother was only a few months pregnant with Sergeant Hu.

Their familys situation was also very bad at that time.

Sergeant Hus mothers physical condition was not very good.

She had to rely on money to make up for it after she became pregnant.

Qian Zhibin paid for Sergeant Hurs fathers injury at that time.

Only after Qian Zhibin pleaded with Old Master Qian that Qian Zhibin used many of the Qian familys connections to save Sergeant Flus father.

“Therefore, ever since then, Sergeant Hus father had always been grateful to Qian Zhibin and the Qian family.

Even after he retired from the army, he still remembered the Qian familys kindness to him.

If Sergeant Hus father really went to the military court and was sentenced to prison, the Hu family would probably have dissolved.

Perhaps Sergeant Hu might not even exist.

At that time, the Qian family not only protected Sergeant Hus fathers future but also protected his family and the birth of his child.”

Jiang Yao clicked her tongue.

“If thats the case, Sergeant Hus father is extremely indebted to the Qian family.”

If the Qian family had asked Sergeant Hus father to do something, then it would naturally be very difficult for Sergeant Hus father to refuse.

“Yes, that is the correct way to describe it because Qian Zhibin relied on Old Master Qians connections to help Sergeant Hus father advance.

However, Qian Zhibin was a person who would not give up without benefits.

Therefore, Qian Zhibin should have plotted against Sergeant Hus father from the beginning and obtained what he wanted.

However, Sergeant Hus father was an honest person.

He might not understand that and simply think that he had met a noble person,” Shao Fucheng said.

“Unfortunately, that was a long time ago, and we had no way of looking into it.

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