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Chapter 2150: Helping The Qian Family

“We can only wait until dawn.” Du Chen said, “I am a little suspicious whether the family who killed Zhou Xiaoxias family felt that killing those four people was not enough to vent their anger.

So, they took Zhou Xiaochengs body out of the grave to vent their anger.

Zhou Xiaochengs grave had recently been moved, and something had recently happened to Zhou Xiaoxias family.

Otherwise, who would want to move a dead persons grave”

“Mm, Ill go to the village at the foot of the mountain tomorrow morning and ask.”

Jiang Yao rubbed her eyes.

That phone call energized her.

However, Jiang Yao felt the possibility of getting helpful information was very low.

The Zhou familys ancestral grave was located at the mountains base, far from the village.

In order to visit covertly, individuals who touched Zhou Xiaochengs grave would do so at night.

Naturally, since it was late at night, nobody would notice them.

After answering the phone, Jiang Yao kept her eyes open until dawn.

Jiang Yao informed Lu Xingzhi through text message that Zhou Xiaochengs grave was empty shortly after sunrise.

She requested that he call her as soon as he had some free time.

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Jiang Yao awoke early because Lu Xingzhi was not at home.

She had to get the milk herself if she wanted to drink it.


Jiang was shocked to see Jiang Yao holding a glass of milk that she had consumed all of when she got up to prepare breakfast.

She was so shocked when she woke up that she initially believed she was dreaming.

“Its the first time Ive seen you wake up so early.”


Jiang walked over to Jiang Yao curiously.

“Didnt you sleep well last night”

Jiang Yao pouted and replied that she was fine.

She slept very soundly in the first half of the night.

She did not sleep in the second half of the night.

It could be considered insomnia, so she felt energetic.

“Xingzhi didnt call you before I went to sleep last night.

Did you wait for his call the whole night” Mrs.

Jiang thought that Jiang Yao did not sleep well because of that, so she comforted her.

“He said that as long as hes on a mission, its normal to be unable to contact him for ten days to half a month.

Sometimes, I cant get to him for several months.

After a pause, Mrs.

Jiang said, “You just have to wait patiently.”

“Yeah, we can only wait.”

Jiang Yao felt that she had already fallen into the cycle of waiting.

Where were Li Hongs parents They were waiting!

When would they be able to contact Lu Xingzhi They had to wait!

As for Zhou Xiaochengs grave, they could only wait!

After Mr.

Lu woke up, he went to the courtyard for a walk.

As a person who had been doing farm work all his life, he felt that his bones would rust after a few days of rest.

However, he did not expect someone to knock on the door as soon as he arrived.

“Who is it Its really early,” Mrs.

Jiang muttered curiously as he went to the door.

Jiang Yao stood back and watched.

When Mr.

Lu opened the door, Jiang Yao recognized the person standing outside the door.

It was Shao Fucheng.

“Colonel Shao!”

Jiang Yao took the lead in greeting the person at the door.

“This is my father.

Oh, right! Its so early in the morning.

Are you looking for Xingzhi Hes out on a mission.

Jiang Yao remembered that Shao Fucheng had left the army base for some unknown reason before Lu Xingzhi left.

“Colonel Lu isnt here” Shao Fucheng frowned.

“Well, I can tell you as well.”

Jiang Yao stood out to Shao Fucheng as being unique from other military wives.

He believed that he should be able to tell Jiang Yao about the items he had looked into, given Jiang Yaos intelligence and decisiveness.

“The situation involving Sergeant Hus father is concluding.”

Shao Fucheng stood in the courtyard and chatted with Jiang Yao a few meters away.

“These past few days, Ive visited many retired soldiers and learned about some matters that could not be found in the military records.

After many investigations, it has been confirmed that Sergeant Hus father is most likely working for the Qian family.”

Seeing Jiang Yaos stunned expression, Shao Fucheng spoke even more clearly, “The Qian family of Jindo City and General Qian have a grudge with Colonel Lus brothers.


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