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Chapter 2148: Continue To Stay

Seeing Jiang Yaos indifferent expression, Mrs.

Jiang said, “You havent left the house for the past few days, so you dont know what happened next door.

Previously, Colonel Ye applied to transfer to a local unit in the city, but he did not get it.

Later, he applied to change his residence.

He used some connections to transfer to a new place.

He might continue to stay in the army until he retires.”

Jiang Yaos mother only knew about it from other people.

Otherwise, how would a woman from the countryside know how to switch employment, local units, and other things

“Continue to stay in the army”

Jiang Yao scoffed.

“Then Colonel Ye will have to show a lot of courage in the future.”

“His son, a child, is encouraged to do bad things just because of a little food.

Apart from the fact that the child has not been taught well, the most important thing is that the person who instigated the child is detestable.

As for Colonel Yes daughter, I heard that she likes Xingzhi.

That makes me feel disgusted.

Tell me, why is the girl so shameless Why does she have to like a person who has a wife” Mrs.

Jiang said, “Xingzhi is good-looking, young, and promising.

Many girls want to kiss him.

However, I think that Xingzhi is not that kind of person.

So, if something happens in the future, dont throw a tantrum with Xingzhi before you figure it out.”

“Mom, you can rest assured on that point.

Even if a celestial being descended on the mortal world, Xingzhi wouldnt take a second look at them.

In Xingzhis eyes, Im probably the divine being descended to the mortal world.” After saying that, Jiang Yao laughed dryly in embarrassment.

However, she succeeded in making Mrs.

Jiang laugh.

After taking a short walk in the courtyard, Jiang Yao became much more energetic.

She did not feel entirely weary and like she had just woken up when she returned to the house.

As soon as Jiang Yao entered the living room again, Moe grabbed her phone and dashed over to her, tossing the ringing device to her.

“Thats the second time its ringing.

Hurry and answer it.

After you answer it, I can continue playing! Why dont you give me a new phone If I have one, I wont take yours.” Moe sat on Jiang Yaos shoulder unhappily.

That was because every time he was in the middle of playing a game, a call would come through.

That was like an unbreakable spell.

Moe had already pressed the button once and was prepared to return the phone to Jiang Yao after the game was over.

However, he did not know who it was.

They were persistent and kept calling until he lost his temper.

Jiang Yao glanced at him and picked it up.

It was an unfamiliar number.

Jiang Yao patted Moe to comfort him as she pressed the answer button.

Before she picked up the call, Jiang Yao probably would not have thought that it was Li Hong who had called her.

“Miss Jiang.

Li Hon$ voice came from the phone.

It was slightly distorted and light.

“Im out.”

Jiang Yao ate the washed raisins from the coffee table while lounging on the sofa.

She asked in an unflattering tone.

“Are you surprised Are you angry” Li Hong burst into laughter.

“You thought you could destroy me, but I survived.

I begged you so much back then, but you wouldnt let me go.

Are you terribly disappointed I no longer need to plead with you.

I can still step outside in the sunshine and breathe the fresh air.

Just so you know, Miss Jiang, I dont believe Professor Ouyang holds you in high regard.

Dont think you are a good person just because you have a relationship with the Changkang Group.


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