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Chapter 214: He Is Not the One

Jiang Yao checked her surroundings.

It was a hot afternoon and no one was out.

Most of the students on campus were either in their rooms or somewhere else with cool air conditioning.

“Xuehui, Li Ronghui is not the one for you.

He has ulterior motives.” Jiang Yao continued after a moments thought.

“I once overheard his conversation.

His friend asked if he actually liked you, and do you know what he said”

“What” Wen Xuehuis heart dropped.

She was not ready for the answer.

“He said that he wanted to do research under your father, Chancellor Wen.

You know that your father is very strict about the students he takes in under his wing.

Recently, he seems to not accept any post-graduate students at all.

This is why Li Ronghui wanted to take advantage of him being with you to join your fathers research team.”

With Li Ronghuis meticulous personality, he would not have said any of these things to anyone else.

Nevertheless, Jiang Yao had not wronged Li Ronghui since that was indeed his plan after all.

In her previous life, through Jiang Yao, Li Ronghui had become the first student accepted by Chancellor Wen into his research team.

With that, he had received the education that he had always wanted from the chancellor.

He was then asked by the chancellor to stay back and teach at the school, and yet, he had not been contented with that arrangement.

After graduating, he had then set his sights on the Zhang family.

At that point in time, the Zhang familys business ventures had begun to settle down after years of development and growth.

The Zhang family were looking for a capable son-in-law as Zhang Xiqing was their only daughter.

Understanding that he would be able to help manage the family business after marrying Zhang Xiqing, Li Ronghui had swiftly gotten married to her after breaking up with Wen Xuehui.

Wen Xuehui was but a steppingstone for Li Ronghui, who was extremely egotistical.

After the break-up, she had come across Zhang Xiqing numerous times.

Even as Zhang Xiqing ridiculed and mocked her, Li Ronghui only looked on coldly, refusing to interfere.

He had even hit back at Wen Xuehui after she had been insulted and got physical with Zhang Xiqing.

Now, Jiang Yao imagined that Li Ronghui had already made his choice between Zhang Xiqing and Wen Xuehui, seeing as the Zhang family getting into trouble was all it took for Li Ronghui to start going after Wen Xuehui.

Li Ronghui was an intelligent person and he knew that he was capable of greater opportunities even after missing out on the Zhang family.

Looking at Wen Xuehuis pale face, Jiang Yao felt a pang of sympathy for her.

She knew that Wen Xuehui had had a crush on Li Ronghui for the longest of times.

His confession now undoubtedly gave her the happiness she so sought after.

Her proclamation of Li Ronghui, despite being the truth, was far too cruel for someone innocent like Wen Xuehui.

This was too much for Wen Xuehui to take in, but Jiang Yao had to tell her the truth now or risk her suffering in great pain in the future.

Jiang Yao did not want to see the amiable girl who used to accompany her in the hills lose her sense of self and happiness day by day.

“Also, he had a fiancée back home.

He came from a poor background and so, most of his expenses here are paid for by his fiancée and her family.

While he is here in Nanjiang City studying, she stayed back and cared for his aging parents,” Jiang Yao continued.

“We can visit Li Ronghuis hometown this weekend if you do not believe what Ive just said.”

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