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Chapter 2142: Recanting Her Statement

The lawyer who came to Luo City was a 40-year-old man.

He went to the army base the day after he arrived in Luo City to meet Jiang Yao.

Lu Yuqing had told him that the person he would meet in Luo City was Changkang Groups boss.

So the lawyer kept his mouth shut.

Lu Yuqing was not worried that the man would say anything inappropriate.

Furthermore, Lu Xingzhis lawyer brought the man in.

“Director Jiang, theres bad news.”

The lawyers tone was a little low.

“Li Hong has changed her statement.”

“What do you mean”

Jiang Yao did not quite understand.

“What do you mean by changing her statement”

The missing documents were recovered from the research institute where Li Hongs classmate was not long after the lawyer arrived.

Changkang Group wanted to pursue the responsibility of two individuals because the documents had already been opened.

He also decided to file a lawsuit.

Although the documents were recovered, Li Hong stole the documents, so she needed to be sentenced.

The documents were discovered in the office of the research institutes director, so the research institute was also held accountable.

Furthermore, Changkang Groups losses had to be shared by all three parties.

Li Hong was officially expelled from the university.

Li Hongs friend was also fired from the research institute where he worked.

Initially, everything was going according to the lawyers expectations, but unexpectedly, there was a sudden turn of events.

“Li Hong recanted her statement.

Her previous statement, she claimed, was made under duress.

Her friend allegedly threatened her family.

He would have killed her family if she had not told the cops that.

In fact, her friend stole the letter.

She wanted to get it from her friend, but she was threatened.

She had to decide between the document and her own life.

The strange thing was that Li Hongs friend admitted to it.

As a result, Li Hong was found to be innocent.

If we cannot find evidence that Li Hong lied, we will release him.”

That was not the end.

The lawyers stomach was filled with anger.

“Because Li Hong was coerced, she had to bear less of the responsibility.

Li Hongs family also said that they would accept the compensation.

No matter how much the court decided Li Hong would have to pay, their family would pay even if they had to sell everything.

When Jiang Yao heard that, she was dumbfounded.

That was a godly turn of events.

Li Hongs friend had even spent money to buy that letter.

When he was caught, he avoided responsibility.

How did he suddenly become so kind that he took the blame for Li Hongs crime

Spending money to steal scientific research secrets and stealing them were two completely different crimes!

“Then how did they explain the money in Li Hongs hands” Jiang Yao asked.

“Li Hongs friend said that he gave the money as a token, just so that Li Hong wouldnt report it to the police.”

The lawyer sneered.

“The explanation was so real that even a fool almost believed it.”

“I found out that Li Hong confessed after her friends parents met her friend.

Then, they went to meet Li Hong.

Then, they went to Li Hongs house to meet her parents with gifts.

After that, Li Hongs parents went to meet Li Hong.

Then, Li Hong went to the police and said that she wanted to change her confession,” the lawyer said.

“It seems the focus is on Li Hong and her friends parents.” Jiang Yaos thoughts sank.

“Go find Li Hongs parents.”

“That is the weird part.

The bad news is also the weird part.” The lawyer sighed..

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