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Chapter 2128: Nonsense

Li Hong was a person who was conscious of her appearance.

She must purchase her footwear and clothing at major malls.

She had cash on hand at the moment.

Naturally, she continued shopping in the mall for numerous apparel, accessories, and cosmetics brands.

It was therefore convenient for Big Ke to look into it and figure it out.

The shopping center sent Big Ke a list of Li Hongs most recent purchases from their shopping center.

They were not afraid of Li Hong denying the spending because the salesperson at the shopping mall could prove that Li Hong was the one who had personally spent the money.

A young girl spending so much money would undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on any salesperson.

Jing Mengjies face paled when she heard that.

She quickly said, “Miss Jiang! I didnt know how Li Hongs money came about, I accompanied her shopping those few days, and she even bought me two dresses and a pair of shoes.

I didnt know how she got the money.

If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have taken her things! ”

Jing Mengjie was terrified.

She said, “I will give you the money for the goods she bought for me.

Miss Jiang, this has nothing to do with me.”

Jing Mengjies voice sounded like she was crying when she finished speaking.

She snapped at Li Hong.

“How can you do this You pretended to be kind and buy things for me with dirty money.

Are you trying to drag me down with you That is dirty money!”

Jing Mengjie was usually very arrogant.

Furthermore, no matter how naive she was, she knew that one should not spend dirty money.

They could say that she was an accomplice.

Therefore, she was angry at Li Hong.

“Youre talking nonsense.”

Li Hong was afraid that Jing Mengjie would hit her, so she quickly dodged to the side.

“That money was given to me by my parents! Its not dirty money! I didnt do anything.

I didnt see that document.”

“Who are you trying to deceive Your parents only make 300 bucks every month.

How are your parents suddenly giving you so much pocket money Id be stupid to believe that!” Jing Mengjie started crying.

Jing Mengjie walked toward Professor Ouyang again.

“Professor, I didnt know what Li Hong did.

Can I return the money she spent on me I have nothing to do with this.”

She was fearful and timid.

Jing Mengjie wanted to get help herself.

She felt that she had been falsely accused.

Furthermore, Jing Mengjie felt confident that Li Hong had committed a crime.

Li Hong must have taken the document if the guard claimed she did.

Why would the guard accuse Li Hong for no reason

Liu Chao had seen the document too.

Why did the guard not accuse Liu Chao of taking it

“Lets visit the police station.”

Professor Ouyang waved his hand and then left the university with his students.

Jiang Yao only kept records at the police station, and the rest were given to Big Ke to investigate.

Since she needed to rest more during those few days, she could not frequently visit the police station to monitor the situation.

Jiang Yao asked Ah Lu to drive her back to the army base.

On the way, Ah Lu received a few calls.

They were all trying to find out who Li Hong had been in contact with recently and were preparing to find out the buyer as soon as possible.

Ah Lu said, “Director Jiang, it is alright even if we cant find out more about the situation.

Li Hongs parents income is insufficient to cover her high costs.

There is no question about it.

We can affirm that Li Hong is unquestionably a suspect simply based on her recent spending.

The young girl has done this for the first time.

She will not be able to contain herself for long at the police station.

She will admit it.”.

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