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Chapter 2120: Dreams and Reality

Jiang Yao had not been eating more than a rabbit.

The rabbit ate more than her three meals a day.

Jiang Yao only drank milk every morning.

As long as she had a proper meal, she would have some light soup and a couple of spoonfuls of rice.

“I wont.”Please support our Bonnovel.com

Jiang Yao was very confident.

“I ate very nutritious food before I had these reactions.”

She was the first to lie on the bed.

Then, she waved at Lu Xingzhi and patted the empty space beside her to urge him to rest early.

“You dont have to worry.

Most pregnant women will go through this.”

“Its all Colonel Yes son and Sergeant Hus fathers fault!”

Lu Xingzhi clenched his fists.

The most heinous aspect was that the person who instigated Sergeant Hus fathers attack on Jiang Yao had yet to be identified.

There had been no useful leads.

That person was far too secretive.

He must have long since erased all traces of him.

“Take your time with that.

You cant rush it.

Dont force yourself to be nervous every day.

I know you dont sleep well.

If you have a heavy heart, you wont be able to sleep.” Jiang Yao thought for a moment and sat up again.

“Since theres chicken soup in the pot, drink it.

Dont waste it! But after you finish it, you must brush your teeth and wash your hands.

Dont let me smell it.

Otherwise, youre not allowed to sleep here, and youre not allowed to kiss me!

Lu Xingzhi smiled.

“Mm, Im not kissing you.” He reached out and patted her head.

Then he left the bedroom.

Just as Jiang Yao said, there was chicken soup in the pot.

If he did not drink it, it would go to waste.

He had to drink it while it was still hot.

He had to eat something so that he could sleep well at night.

Lu Xingzhi drank the soup and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When he was done, he returned to the bedroom, but Jiang Yao was already asleep.

He lay down in the space that Jiang Yao had reserved for him.

He hugged his wife and kissed her.

He smiled softly and said, “1 knew youd be asleep.

So even if I kissed you, you wouldnt know about it.”

Jiang Yao slept soundly, so Lu Xingzhi did not expect her to answer him.

He lifted Jiang Yaos pajamas and touched her belly.

He said, “Brat, dont mess with your mother, or else Ill beat you up when you come out!”

Then, Lu Xingzhi put Jiang Yaos clothes back on.

He embraced her through her clothes before falling asleep in that position.

Lu Xingzhi dreamt about Jiang Yao having a good appetite and days when she would complain if she were hungry.

He dreamt that Jiang Yao was holding a big bowl and eating in big mouthfuls.

It was a big portion of food, but she was not angry about it.

She even smiled at him.

She pointed at the food and said, “Xingzhi, I want that! I want that too! Im so hungry that this is not enough for me at all!”

Then, Lu Xingzhi eagerly picked up his spoon and gave her the food she wanted to eat.

When he picked up his spoon, she smiled at him happily.

“Xingzhi… Xingzhi…

“Eat more, eat as much as you can.” When he heard her calling him Lu Xingzhi, he tried to encourage Jiang Yao to eat as much as possible.

“Lu Xingzhi!”

Jiang Yao pushed the person mumbling something in his sleep with a confused look.

When she saw that he was still sleeping, she pushed Lu Xingzhi.

“Wake up.

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