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Despite his denial, his eyes were so calm and resembled an eagle overlooking its prey, which made Jiang Yao skeptical of his answer.

After a while, Jiang Yao murmured, “No, youre not.

Youre clearly angry.”

“I told you, Im not angry.

Four years is quite short, I can wait,” Lu Xingzhi clarified in a solemn tone.

He then heaved a sigh of defeat and demanded, “Ive said no, but you dont believe me.

Tell me, what should I say or do to assure you that Im not angry”

This remark was regarded as Lu Xingzhis surrender to Jiang Yao as she was going up a blind alley of suspecting his anger.

She seemed to really care if she was irritating him.

“If you really arent angry, smile at me,” Jiang Yao said and put on a big smile for Lu Xingzhi.

The scorching sun in the summer felt like a natural stove baking the people on earth.

However, at this moment, the warm temperature didnt bother Lu Xingzhi at all, as if he couldnt feel the heat.

His eyes were locked on her youthful and brilliant smiling face.

Lu Xingzhi was mesmerized by the sweet view.

This was the first time Jiang Yao had ever smiled at him.

Her pinkish lips curled slightly, revealing her sparkly white teeth and the cute canine tooth, with two dimples appearing at the side of her lips.

Her eyes filled with happiness and hope that suddenly reminded him of the holy lake he saw in Tibet, perfectly transparent and tranquil.

“Ha.” Instinctively, Lu Xingzhi huffed a chuckle and stroked her head gently.

“I swear, Im not angry, as long as youre happy.”

His explanation made Jiang Yao felt guilty about her skepticism.

She wanted to apologize for doubting him.

“I prefer long hair on you.

Can you let your hair grow when you go to college”

Perhaps because of her serene and lovely gazes, Lu Xingzhi blurted out the question without realizing it.

He remembered the first time he met her, her hair danced in the wind, and he liked that.

However, when she was in the senior year, she cut off her long hair as she had no time to care for it due to her heavy and tedious schoolwork load.

She looked neat and smart with short hair, but it lacked the gentle and pleasant feeling exuded when she had long hair.

Anyway, as soon as he finished, he managed a bitter smile.

She simply smiled at him and he had lost his mind.

Why would Jiang Yao keep long hair just because he liked it

Without waiting for her answer, Lu Xingzhi began, “Lets go back to the house, theyve been waiting for us.”

Although he knew that Jiang Yao would refuse his request and find a perfect excuse to justify her rejection, Lu Xingzhi was reluctant to hear her say it.

Jiang Yao nodded and dashed forward to keep up with Lu Xingzhi who was two steps ahead of her.

When she finally caught up with him and walked beside him, she said, “If you like it, Ill grow my hair out.”

Her tone was brisk and casual but it made Lu Xingzhi shudder slightly.

His habit of disguising himself shielded the shuddering, and he quickly regained his composure and entered the house with Jiang Yao.

“Have you finished your drilling” Lu Yuqing teased when she saw them entering.

“How was the talk”

“Shell attend Nanjiang Medical University as planned.

Shes too young to have a child now, so well wait until she graduates.” After sitting down, Lu Xingzhi ladled a bowl of soup for Jiang Yao and placed the bowl in front of her.

He observed her reaction for a while as she took the bowl and sipped the soup and secretly smiled.

He didnt show his smile and his eyes filled with joy and contentment.

She didnt mind using his bowl.


Lu nodded at Lu Xingzhis remark.

“Yes, youre right, I almost forgot that Jiang Yao is only nineteen years old.

At this age, shes too young to have a baby.”

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