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Lu Xingzhi pursed his lips tightly, almost forming a straight line.

No matter how Jiang Yao looked at him, he did not say a word.

Jiang Yao saw Lu Xingzhis expression and almost exploded.

“Why are you laughing Youre sneering at me”She was so angry that she raised her hand and poked his chest twice.

Lu Xingzhi was not angry either.

With an indifferent expression, he grabbed her hand and took her into his embrace.

“Lu Xingzhi.”

Jiang Yao called out his name seriously, even including his full name.

“Are you looking for a fight”

How dare he treat her like that

“That sentence suits you.”

Lu Xingzhi laughed softly.

“You want me to help you Fine, then tonight—”

His smile was mischievous.

“Ill help you now, but will you help me tonight

“What do you need me to help you with I can help you if I have nothing to do during the day.” Jiang Yao did not doubt him.

“Do you want me to look at the information you brought back last night I can help look at it if I have nothing to do.

If you have something else to do, you can do that first.

Dont stay up so late because youre busy.

Do you think youre young Youre already old.

You should pay attention to your health.”

Jiang Yao scolded him with a serious look on her face.

The first few sentences that Lu Xingzhi heard were pleasant because he could feel her concern for him.

However, the last few sentences hurt his ears.


Lu Xingzhi raised his voice slightly with a hint of threat.

“Say that again.”

Jiang Yao was stunned for a moment and blinked her eyes.

She thought that she had stepped on someones tail.

He hated it when she used such words to describe him.

He was always concerned about the age difference between them.

He always felt that their age gap was too large.

He was afraid that he would not be able to give her the same kind of feelings that her peers could give her.

He was concerned that he was older than her by many years.

He was already a young student when she was still babbling in baby talks.

Most of the time, Jiang Yao would not even remember that Lu Xingzhi was that much older than her.

She rubbed her face against Lu Xingzhi and giggled at him.

She changed her words.

“Even though we are still young, it is not a reason to squander your health.

So in the future, you should try to go to bed early.

Otherwise, I will be worried about you.

Jiang Yaos voice was soft as she coquettishly snuggled into his arms.

“We must maintain a healthy body, so we can live together until we are a hundred years old.

Lu Xingzhis expression finally looked better, and he seemed happier.

Anyone would love to hear good words, especially those from their wife.

They would never get tired of hearing it.

Whenever he pretended to be angry, she would throw herself into his arms and act coquettishly.

He liked the way she acted.

She looked so soft as if she was a marshmallow.

He patted her head.

“Give me your phone.

Remember, you have to help me tonight..


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