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Chapter 2094: Ill Intentions

“You went out early to buy vegetables” Jiang Yao walked toward them.

When she saw a cup of milk warming on the stove, she knew that Lu Xingzhi must have warmed it for her after he got up, so she went to get it.

“The vegetables are fresher in the morning, but they are much more expensive than those in our town.”


Lu nodded.

Then, she asked Jiang Yao, “Does your sister have a boyfriend in Nanjiang City”

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Jiang Yao was stunned.

“Why did you suddenly ask that”

“Yesterday, your sister called to ask about your situation.

I think I heard a mans voice on the phone, urging her to eat more.

He seemed worried that your sister had lost weight because of her busy work.” Mrs.

Lu immediately changed her focus when she mentioned her daughters weight loss.

“Did your sister lose weight the last time you saw her She had been too busy.

Other than sleeping, she doesnt rest.

When she came home during the New Year, her phone continued to ring.

It was all about work.”

Jiang Yao held the milk cup.

“I dont think so.”

Jiang Yao did not think Lu Yuqing had lost weight because she had never been fat.

Jiang Yao thought the voice that Mrs.

Lu heard on the phone should be Huang Chengjing.

When Lu Yuqing picked up the phone, he must have been next to her.

He heard Lu Yuqing on the phone and guessed who was on the phone with her, so he deliberately said those words.

She bet that Huang Chengjing must have been impatient to join the family.

He could not wait for Lu Yuqings family to know about his existence.

Although Huang Cheng was a gentleman, he still had a crafty side.

“Then do you know if any good men in your sisters company are suitable for her”


Lu was angry when she mentioned Lu Yuqing.

“You dont know because you werent at home.

A few days ago, someone from my family said that they wanted to introduce someone to your sister.

I thought that they would remember your sister after they found their conscience.

I did not expect them to have ill intentions.”

“Well, I think I know what kind of people they introduced to her.”

Jiang Yao had heard about that matter from Mrs.

Lu before, and she was also a relative of Mrs.

Lus family.

“Im not saying that the widowers they introduced are bad, but those people acted like they are above everyone else.

They wanted your sister to move to the county and make her promise to be good to their children.

Id rather her be alone for the rest of her life than marry someone like that.


Lu sighed.

“Ive thought it through now.

If your sister meets someone she likes, then she should marry him.

If she doesnt meet someone, then she doesnt have to get married.

Her father and I can keep her with us.”

“Yuqing is such an outstanding child.

Why would she need the two of you to support her” Mrs.

Jiang said cheerfully, “I think she is doing very well.

There will be great fortune waiting for her in the future.”

“Thats true.”


Lu felt much better after hearing Mrs.

Jiangs words.

“When she grows old, her father and I will leave her enough money to live comfortably for the rest of her life.”

“Mom, dont worry.

If shes not married, she can stay with Xingzhi and me in the future.

Our children will treat her well.” Jiang Yao promised her with a smile..

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