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Chapter 208: Job Arrangement

Wu Zhongs eyes were gleaming, and his first reaction was to be thrilled.

In actual fact, he had tried to find a job as a security guard after he was discharged from the military because he thought that he was more agile than ordinary people and he was competent enough for the job.

However, all the employers had deemed him incapable because he was a cripple.

After facing countless predicaments and people taunting him, Wu Zhong finally stopped thinking about being a security guard because although he was a disabled and retired soldier, he still had dignity!

Lu Xingzhis words made him regain his confidence.

He suddenly felt that he was still a useful person and no longer a basket case!

Lu Xingzhis arrangement for Wu Zhong made him see hope in himself, therefore, he accepted without much resistance.

When he knew that the largest shareholder of the hospital was Jiang Yao, he straightaway told Jiang Yao, “Jiang Yao, after I begin my duties, if you think Im capable, let me stay, otherwise, just tell me right away.

Dont be shy because of Young Master Lu as I might deter your hospital.”

“Brother Zhong, dont worry.” Jiang Yao believed in Lu Xingzhis eye for people.

The people Lu Xingzhi valued were surely highly competent.

“It just so happens that I drove here.

My wife and I will help you to carry your luggage and Ill send you to the staff quarters at the hospital later.” As he talked, Lu Xingzhi took out his phone and called Chen Xuyao who was currently at the hospital.

He told Chen Xuyao that Jiang Yao and he would bring someone to the hospital, also telling him to ask the Hospital Director to arrange a room at the staff quarters for the said person.

He also asked him to inform the Human Resources Department that there would be a new security guard beginning work at the hospital.

Wu Zhong thanked them, took his stuff, and brought both of them to his rented house.

Due to the presence of Wu Zhong, Jiang Yao felt shy to let Lu Xingzhi piggyback her, and so, she staggered throughout the whole journey, but fortunately, she did not fall down.

Instead, she mumbled to Lu Xingzhi that she would never wear high heels while going out anymore as her legs were making her life difficult.

In the end, Lu Xingzhi let out a chortle.

The old woman was still in the courtyard.

She had expected to see Wu Zhong come back with both of them who had just left not long ago.

The old woman was slightly stunned when she heard that Wu Zhong was moving out.

Then, she sighed and nodded.

“Okay, its only halfway through this month.

You dont need to pay me the rental fees for this month.”

“Thank you so much, Madam!” Wu Zhong thanked her and led Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao inside while whispering to them, “Madams husband passed away at a young age.

They did not have any children and so, she earned a living by renting out their rooms.

She looks as if she doesnt get close to others easily but shes a nice person.

When I just moved in, I was always unable to pay for the rental fees but she never rushed me.

She plants vegetables and she would sell them occasionally.

If there are leftovers, she gives them to tenants who have lived here for a long time like us for free.”

To thank the landlady for her care throughout these years, Wu Zhong planned to leave the rental fees for one month before he left as he could not possibly live in her house for free.

Although Wu Zhong had lived here for a few years, he did not own too many things.

His clothes for four seasons were less than ten sets, and he did not have any valuable belongings.

All of his possessions could not even fill up a single woven bag.

After Wu Zhong packed his stuff, he left the rental fees for a month on the empty table and then left the room with Lu Xingzhi and his wife, bidding farewell to the old woman before leaving.

When the three of them arrived at the hospital, the Hospital Director came to the carpark and welcomed them in person.

He certainly had to meet the largest shareholder in person when he found out that someone had taken over the position, seeing as he would receive the news of the new chairman in a few days.

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