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He only wanted to take the life of her and Lu Xingzhis child, but in the end, it backfired.

He did not manage to harm his target, but three other women became his victims.

He had taken two innocent lives.

The suicide note mentioned that Colonel Lus wife must have done a lot of good deeds as a doctor.

Perhaps that was why the heavens spared her.

Sergeant Hus father even apologized to Jiang Yao in the note.

He said that although he had no enmity with her and Lu Xingzhi, and neither did he have any hatred for her child, it was difficult to have both things in the world.

Therefore, he could only choose to sacrifice her child.

The handwriting of the suicide note was only clear and neat at the beginmng.

The author became sloppy toward the end.

Furthermore, his train of thought seemed to revolve around the words he had mentioned at the beginmng.

The man had already written the last part of the letter, which was covered with blood.

“What did you see” Lu Xingzhi asked Chu Sheng hurriedly when she opened his eyes.

“I cant answer you with certainty yet.

I need to confirm something.” Chu Sheng shook her head and stood up, her hands still moving.

“Im going out for a while.

Im going to take a walk.

By the way, how do I get to Sergeant Hus house

“Ill go with you.”

Chen Xuyao stood up, worried.

“Just ask.

Lets go.”

Without waiting for Chu Sheng to say anything, Chen Xuyao grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the door.

After Chen Xuyao and Chu Sheng left, Lu Xingzhi helped Jiang Yao back to the bedroom and closed the door.

He revealed his worry.

“Why did you look so weird just now

Jiang Yao bit her lip and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“I saw everything in the note.

Youre right.

Sergeant Hus fathers target was me.

The other three women were implicated.

It was her.

She was safe and sound, bearing the guilt over the loss of fivo young lives.

She was also pregnant, and she hoped for her baby to grow healthily every day.

She could feel the pain of the parents who lost their children, just like the moment when she was pushed to the ground.

She thought the world had collapsed and pressed her heavily to the floor.

Jiang Yao knew that she was also a victim, and she was innocent.

However, she still could not let it go because she was the one who brought that tragedy to the other three people..

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