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Jiang Yao was the first of the four women to return to the army base after the accident.

Her home was filled with people the moment she returned.

The chief and his wife were there, too; they wanted to comfort those involved in the incident.

Few people were aware that the three military spouses were in difficulty due to consuming the water that Sergeant Hus father had provided for them.

As a result, the army continued to keep silent for the time being.

However, most people still focused their attention on Jiang Yao.

Almost everyone envied how lucky Colonel Lus wife had been.

Colonel Yes son pushed her, but she still managed to leave the hospital so early.

No one imagined she had such lovely in-laws, and even her parents seemed great.

Her husband even cared for her as she stayed and rested in bed.

The four seniors took turns looking after her; they conversed with her to pass the time.

It was said that a womans marriage was her second reincarnation.

Many people were jealous that Colonel Lus wife had such a great deal.

She had great parents who doted on her.

They did not mistreat her even though she was a daughter.

Then, she had a pair of tolerant and considerate in-laws who treated her as if she were their own daughter.

Those words were quietly conveyed to Jiang Yao by Moe, who had been out all day.

Moe was like a little spy who would lie beside Jiang Yao and talk for a long time every time he came back.

He was relaying all kinds of gossip to Jiang Yao.

After Jiang Yao heard it, she smiled, but she did not take it to heart.

Her life was her own.

She did not care if other people envied her.

Chu Sheng arrived at the army base in the late afternoon of the second day.

She was accompanied by Chen Xuyao.

They each arrived with a sizable suitcase.

Chen Xuyao threw one of the luggage to Lu Xingzhi as they walked through the door.

He looked like he wanted to throw the bag away.

“These are for Jiang Yao, prepared by Grandma Liang, Auntie Liang, and my parents.

Remember to inform Grandma Liang and the others that youve received them.

Otherwise, they will suspect that I threw them away.”

Lu Xingzhi raised his eyebrows and took the suitcase.

He picked it up and weighed it.

It was not light at all.

No wonder Grandma Liang and the rest suspected that Chen Xuyao would throw it away.

“You didnt bring any luggage

Lu Xingzhi opened the suitcase and looked inside.

There was nothing in it that belonged to Chen Xuyao.

It was full of nutritional food for Jiang Yao.

Chen Xuyao pointed at Chu Shengs suitcase.

“Its all stuffed into her suitcase.

Its so hot in the south, so bringing two sets of summer clothes wont take up much space.

Besides, Chu Sheng doesnt wear makeup, so she doesnt need to bring any bottles.

Her suitcase is empty.”

Chen Xuyao might have looked like he was taking it for granted, but Chu Sheng nearly scratched him in the face when he shoved his things into the luggage.

He pried Chu Shengs box open and looked at her clothing before placing each of his belongings inside her bag.

He locked the bag and handed it to her..


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