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[I know Im guilty, and I no longer want to continue living in this world.

Ive done something evil and caused the loss of two lives.

I know its useless to apologize, so I can only offer my life.

I have hurt you guys.

You guys are innocent.

No, this is not right.]

The letter was long, but it got harder to read because of the blood stains.

The last sentences were slightly clearer.

[I failed in harming the person I wanted, and Ive hurt innocent people instead.

Fortunately, you are still young.

I wish you a happy future.

I will atone for my sins in the undervvorld.]Please support our Bonnovel.com

Lu Xingzhis gaze stopped at that sentence.

He failed to harm the person he wanted to hurt

Did Sergeant Hus father have a purpose for doing those things Then, who was the person he wanted to harm

Unfortunately, there was no more content at the end, and the long paragraph in the middle was utterly unclear.

Lu Xingzhi kept the suicide note.

He wanted to get someone professional to restore its content.

Then, he washed his hands.

After making sure that there was no longer any smell of blood on the note, he opened the door and walked out again.

When Lu Xingzhi finally came out, Jiang Yao asked, “What was in Sergeant Hus fathers note Did it say why he did those things”

Lu Xingzhi shook his head.

“Most of the note was stained with blood.

I can only read the first few sentences and the last few sentences.

Sergeant Hus father must have had a target, but we dont know the person.

He said he did not manage to hurt his target, only innocent people.

Then, Lu Xingzhi said, “However, that suicide note explains the reason for his suicide.”

“Did he feel guilty for implicating the innocent people and couldnt get past it, so he committed suicide to atone for his sins”

That was Jiang Yaos guess, and that was based on whether Sergeant Hus father was a person with a conscience.

“He only used abortion drugs in the water supply at the martial arts arena, so his target must have been someone with a pregnant family member participating in that competition.

His target was one of the four people, including me.”

Jiang Yao touched her chin and said, “Ive never met Sergeant Hus father, and

Ive not had much contact with his family, so logically, it shouldnt be me.

Sergeant Hus father had no motive to attack me.”

Lu Xingzhis eyes suddenly darkened.

He shook his head and rejected Jiang Yaos guess.

“Youre wrong.”

Lu Xingzhi walked toward Jiang Yao.

“On the contrary, I think his target

Lu Xingzhis tone and expression made Jiang Yaos heart jump.

His voice was a little hesitant as he continued to speak..


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