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Lu Xingzhi put the envelope into his pocket and thanked the person who delivered the letter before leaving.

Then, he stood at the door, reached into his pocket, and touched the suicide note in the envelope.

His gaze fell on the person who was still talking in the room.

The doctor smiled and nodded.

“There are still many people around even though you are in a single room.

The hospital is always noisy.

Of course, its more comfortable to stay at home.

Tell your husband or your family members to handle the discharge papers for you in the afternoon.

You can be discharged in the afternoon.

Theres nothing more to discuss after youre discharged.

Anyway, youre a doctor too.

You probably know more than me.”

Jiang Yaos eyes lit up when she heard that she could be discharged from the hospital.

Even a luxurious hospital was not comparable to ones own home.Please support our Bonnovel.com

The doctor laughed when he saw Jiang Yaos expression.

“Actually, if you think about it carefully, living in the hospital is not much different from living at home.

Youre in a single room with an ensuite bathroom.

You can have someone to accompany you and take care of you 24 hours a day.

You even have your elderly family members making delicious food for you.

Your husband also treats this place as your home, guarding you every day.

Why do you still want to go back so badly ”

Jiang Yao pretended not to understand the doctors teasing of her and Lu Xingzhi.

Her eyes darted around the room, and then she noticed Lu Xingzhi was at the door.

He was leaning against the door and looking at her with a smile in his eyes.

Jiang Yao winked at Lu Xingzhi playfully.

She did not care whether the doctor was still teasing her.

She waved at Lu Xingzhi and asked, “When are you returning to the army base”

“When youre discharged in the afternoon,” Lu Xingzhi replied as he walked into the room.

“Ill take you and your parents back to the base.”

Under special circumstances, even if there were not enough rooms for four people, two of them could stay in the army bases guest house for two days.

The doctor did not stay in the room; he did not want to be the third wheel.

He left with the medical records in his hands.

He even laughed as he walked out of the room.

It was as if he was helpless against the couple who acted as if no one else was around.

He had long heard that Colonel Lu doted on his wife.

He had seen that in those two days.

After the doctor left, Lu Xingzhi took out the things in his pocket.

Perhaps it was because of her profession that Jiang Yao was sensitive to the smell of blood.

She could even smell blood through the envelope.

“What is that”

Jiang Yao glanced at the envelope in Lu Xingzhis hand.

“Who wrote you a letter A bloodied letter, right It smells of blood.”

“Sergeant Hurs father committed suicide by lying on the train tracks.

This is the suicide note he left behind,” Lu Xingzhi explained.

Then, he paused for a moment.

When he noticed that Jiang Yao was expressionless, he opened the envelope in front of her and took out the paper dyed red with blood.

The smell of blood immediately became stronger when the envelope was opened.

Jiang Yaos stomach immediately churned.

She quickly gestured to Lu Xingzhi to let her go as she clutched her stomach and retched.

Before that day, as a doctor, Jiang Yao had long become numb to blood and the human body.

That was the first time the smell of blood made her uncomfortable.

She was as pale and uncomfortable as an intern.

In other words, Jiang Yao realized that she was useless that day..


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