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Shao Fuchen did not need to say that; Lu Xingzhi would do that anyway.

If Sergeant Hus father had nothing to do with Jiang Yaos injury, he would not have paid much attention to it and would not have made a move.

However, that matter involved Jiang Yao.

Therefore, he would not just sit and wait for news.

After finishing his task, Lu Xingzhi stared at the woman in his arms, who did not appear to have moved.

He was unaware she was holding his thigh and was sound asleep until just then.

She slept more soundly than she had when he reached the hospital.

She did not even wake up when he moved her onto the bed.

She slept well, most likely due to how protected she felt while in his arms or hearing his voice.

Lu Xingzhi took off his shoes and climbed up to sleep with her for a while.

If the head nurse had not returned with the report and startled Lu Xingzhi, they would continue to sleep in that posture.

One was worried that they did not have a good nights rest, and the other was sleeping soundly beside the person they loved.

“Doctor Jiang is asleep

When the head nurse realized that Jiang Yao was sleeping, she walked quietly and whispered, “She had not eaten much during the day.

Maybe get your family to cook her something nice.

She will need to eat even though she cant eat much.

Otherwise, her body wont be able to take it anymore.

You should spend more time with her.

Do you see how relaxed she is when youre by her side”


Lu Xingzhi thought he should stay and have dinner with her that night.

He would coax her to eat one mouthful at a time.

“This is the results from the.

The water contains abortion drugs.

The ingredients are the same as in the report I gave you yesterday, so it should be the same type of abortion drug.

Through the detailed analysis of the ingredients in the water, the laboratory department has given us three brands of abortion drugs that are very common on the market.

One can easily purchase them in ordinary pharmacies.

The ingredients are also the same.”

The head nurse passed the report to Lu Xingzhi.

“Doctor Jiang will understand the report.

If youre worried, you can ask her to confirm it again when she wakes up.”

After the head nurse left, Lu Xingzhi did not wake Jiang Yao.

The results from the hospital were reliable, so Lu Xingzhi immediately passed them to the chief and Shao Fucheng.

The chief had to act since the water was tested to contain some abortion drugs.

He issued an arrest warrant for Sergeant Hus father.Please support our Bonnovel.c0m

The incident impacted four military wives and two babies.

That was the first time in decades that the army had encountered such a vicious thing, and it was also the first time that they had experienced such a complicated matter.

Lu Xingzhi was angrier than when the soldiers fought because they did not like each other.

Jiang Yao slept until seven in the evening.

It was as if she had become much more energetic after a good sleep.

The first thing she did when she woke up was to rub her tummy and act coquettishly toward Lu Xingzhi.

When Mrs.

Jiang entered the door, she saw Jiang Yao acting coquettishly, so she started laughing..


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