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Jiang Yao did not think that her pregnancy caused her condition.

She had been pregnant for three months; she would not still experience those symptoms then.

For someone who had not had an appetite for the whole day, Lu Xingzhi thought that Jiang Yao was better than most people.

If his phone did not ring, Lu Xingzhi would have stared at Jiang Yao from the moment she ate the first piece of orange until the end.

“Its the army base.

I need to answer this,” Lu Xingzhi said.

He looked at Jiang Yao before answering the call.

Jiang Yao pursed her lips and smiled.

She looked at him casually and did not ask him to give her any explanation.

She was not the kind of wife who had to keep an eye on everything.

Shao Fucheng called Lu Xingzhi.

He wanted to talk to Lu Xingzhi about Sergeant Hus father.

Shao Fucheng said, “Sergeant Hus father left the army base this morning.

He said that when he called his wife last night, she told him that a relative of theirs had passed away.

She asked him to rush back the next morning.

We called Sergeant Hus hometown to investigate the situation.

No one died in his hometown.

Sergeant Hu got on the train in the morning, so he should be home by now.

However, Sergeant Hus mother said that her husband had not returned home, and Sergeant Hus mother also confirmed that she did not tell her husband that a relative had passed away in her hometown last night.

She only asked how they were doing and ended the call after chatting for a while.

“Can we verify that”

After all, they were husband and wife.

She might be lying.

“We verified it.

Sergeant Hus family doesnt have a phone.

Like most people in the town, they would pick up and make calls from the public phone at the store.

Every night, a lot of people would gather at the store.

When Sergeant Hus mother picked up the phone last night, many people listened to her conversation.

She wasnt lying.”

Shao Fu Cheng was silent for two seconds after he finished speaking.

Then, he said, “So, Sergeant Hus father must have done that.

He left the army base for no reason and even used the death of a relative as an excuse to leave the army base.”

Lu Xingzhis expression darkened.

It was apparent that Sergeant Hus father had left because he feared the repercussions of his actions.

“Find him! We have to find Sergeant Hus father!” Lu Xingzhi said through gritted teeth.

“The chief has already contacted public security.

He will ask the various departments to find Sergeant Hus father,” Shao Fucheng said.

“However, you should use your connections too.

Perhaps you can find Sergeant Hus father faster than the others..”


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