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“Yaoyao, you have no idea how grateful I am that you are different.” His voice trembled slightly.

“If you werent different from others, I might have killed our child with my own hands yesterday.”

“If my colleagues discovered that they lost their children because of the water—”

Lu Xingzhi did not dare imagine how much they would blame themselves.

He only needed to imagine that kind of emotion.

They might have poured the water for their wives.

They might have reminded their wives to drink more water.

They might have even held the bottles for them.

Perhaps they did that with a smile.

Their wives might have been touched by the gestures and smiled at them.

Jiang Yao had managed to escape because she was different from them.

One of the women had been lucky because she did not drink much water.

They managed to save her baby via a cesarean surgery.

Both mother and child were safe.

However, two of the babies did not make it.

They lost the right to arrive in that world.

Two sets of parents lost their children just like that.

Lu Xingzhi did not want to know too many secrets about Jiang Yao.

All he needed to know was that she would always be okay.

“We must find out if Sergeant Hus father did it.

Why would he do such a heinous thing” Jiang Yao reached out to embrace Lu Xingzhis waist and said, “Why would he target pregnant women When I saw him yesterday, I didnt feel like he was hiding any contempt.

I thought he was an honest man, and the old lady also had so many kind words about him.”

Lu Xingzhi touched her head and responded in a low voice.

At first, he thought Jiang Yaos accident and the three womens accidents had nothing to do with each other.

He did not expect that it was because of one persons doing.

“I will protect our child.”

Jiang Yao raised her head and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

At that moment, her eyes seemed to be shining with her determination and courage.

He loved that child very much.

In his previous life, the words he wrote in his suicide note showed how much he wanted a child with her, so she would protect his wish.

She would protect herself and his child.

He did not understand her emotions, but he seemed to be able to understand what she was thinking.

Neither of them spoke.

He hugged her as she leaned against him and gulped the entire glass of milk.

When Lu Xingzhi took the empty glass, he looked at her worriedly.

When he realized that she was not in pain, he got up to wash the glass.

When he returned, he saw that she was glancing at the fruits on the table.

He smiled..

“Do you want to eat”


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