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“If there was something wrong with the water, his wife drank some yesterday.

Then, something happened to his wife at night.

If Sergeant Hus father targeted all pregnant women, why would he encourage Colonel Yes son to push his wife”

Zhou Junmin was not clear about that.

“Was he worried she didnt drink enough of the contaminated water”

The chief said, “But Sergeant Hus father didnt just send water to the martial arts events arena.

And other people didnt seem to have that problem.

They are not the only pregnant women on the base.

There are still too many doubts about this.

We must confirm it first.

If we can find traces of the abortion drugs in the water, we can arrest Sergeant Hus father.

Lu Xingzhi listened to them while he was on the phone.

When he called for the fourth time, someone finally picked up the phone.

It was Mrs.


“Hello, Xingzhi When will you be done” Mrs.

Lu asked when she saw the phone number was Lu Xingzhis.

“Mom, wheres my wite{ Why hasnt she picked up the phone” Lu Xingzhi was concerned about why Jiang Yao did not pick up the phone.


Lu held her phone and looked helplessly toward the bathroom.

The sound of Jiang Yao vomiting could still be heard from the bathroom.


Jiang made Jiang Yaos favorite food for lunch.

When she opened the lunch box, Jiang Yaos expression looked awkvvard.

However, she still ate some since the baby needed food.

After a short while, she covered her mouth and got out of bed.

She rushed into the toilet and vomited.

She had vomited out all the food she had eaten.

She threw up so severely that tears began to flow from her eyes.

Her face was quite pale.

Ones heart would ache when they saw her.


Lu sighed.

“Your wife is vomiting in the bathroom.

The doctor said its a normal reaction to pregnancy.

He asked us to keep her on the bed to rest.

If she feels uncomfortable and wants to vomit, she can vomit into the basin.”

“Mom, theres a water bottle under the cabinet beside her bed.

Dont touch the water in it, and dont pour it out.

Im going back to the hospital now.” How could Lu Xingzhi still stay there when he learned that Jiang Yao was vomiting.

After telling his mother about the water bottle, Lu Xingzhi immediately hung up the phone.

He turned to the chief and said, “My mom told me my wife is feeling poorly.

Im returning to the hospital to take a look and take the water for testing..”



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