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Colonel Ye would not allow that matter to be connected to Ye Xueli, regardless of whether that was truly the childs responsibility or if an older sister like Ye Xueli was responsible behind the scenes.

Ye Xueli could no longer live in her old home.

She did not even dare leave the place she was staying.

Even the elders in the house despised Ye Xueli for embarrassing them when she returned to their hometown.

They had to endure other peoples criticism, so they wanted to get rid of Ye Xueli as soon as possible.

Ye Xueli already had a bad reputation.

What future could she have if they linked her to that matter

Additionally, Colonel Ye was confident that Lu Xingzhi would imprison Ye Xueli if his son stated that Ye Xueli was the one who had set that up.

“If it was not Ye Xueli, perhaps it was you, Colonel Ye” Lu Xingzhi laughed coldly, but it was his sneer that shocked the little chubby kid that he even trembled.

Lu Xingzhi stood there looking down at the little chubby kid who was almost scared out of his wits.

Then, he asked, “Who instigated you to push my wife yesterday Was it Ye Xueli or your father I dont believe you would do that alone, right If it wasnt you, then

Before Lu Xingzhi could even finish his sentence, the little chubby kid was so scared that he fell on his butt and started crying loudly.

“It wasnt my father or Ye Xueli.

It was an uncle.

He said that he hates Jiang Yao, and my big sister and my parents hate her too.

So, if I were a man, I would have to avenge my big sister and parents.

He even bought me ice cream.”

The little chubby kid was so frightened that he told them everything.

“If I pushed her, he said he would treat me to a soda every day.”

Even the chief did not expect Lu Xingzhi would get an answer from a few threatening words.

It was not only the chief; even Lu Xingzhi was shocked by that result.

He had only wanted to scare the little chubby kid and test if Ye Xueli had a hand in that matter.

He did not expect to get a huge clue out of him.


Colonel Ye was also dumbfounded.

He never thought that someone would use his son behind his back.

After the incident, Colonel Ye suspected that his son had heard the quarrel at home and harbored animosity toward Jiang Yao since he had always been spoiled at home.

The Ye family and Lu Xingzhi had also been at odds for a few days.

He thought that was why he pushed Jiang Yao.

“Who told you to do that”

Colonel Ye seemed to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There was someone else who wanted to use a child.

His sons mistake would be far less severe if he captured the person who provoked him..


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