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“A cannon must have damaged Colonel Yes brain.

Maybe he thinks he wont be demoted even if he were transferred to another base, especially with his current rank,” Zhou Junmin said as his feet crunched on the dried leaves on the ground.

“Hes too naive to think that.”

Zhou Junmin did not need to ask about the target of that mockery.Support our Bonnovel.com

It was almost fivo hours later when Lu Xingzhi received news about Colonel Ye and his familys return to the base.

Many people were already having lunch when that happened.

Colonel Yes family was summoned to the chiefs office before they had time to return home.

Lu Xingzhi put the things he had packed for Jiang Yao into the car, and then he went to the chiefs office.

There were no other people in the office—only the chief and Colonel Ye were there; even Colonel Yes wife was not there.

The little chubby kid might not have been scared after his wrongdoing the previous day.

However, his courage had diminished after the little incident in the morning.

The little kid immediately hid behind his father when he saw Lu Xingzhi walk in from the door.

Lu Xingzhi felt disgusted when he saw the childs fat face.

He did not hide his expression when he walked into the room.

He stood beside Colonel Ye with a darkened expression.

He said, “Colonel Ye, I must admit that you are quite Impressive.”

Without waiting for Colonel Ye to explain, he scoffed, “First, you taught your daughter to do everything possible to damage our reputation.

Then, your son almost killed two people.

No one else in that world is as powerful as your family.

“I thought we had seen enough of you and your family yesterday, Colonel Lu.

I didnt expect you to prove me wrong today.

My wife had just recovered, but you and your family decided it was a good idea to provoke her in the hospital.

You even made her faint from anger.

Well done, Colonel Ye.” Lu Xingzhis voice was cold.

It was as cold as the winter breeze.

It seemed like he was complimenting Colonel Ye, but his tone was sarcastic.


“Do you honestly believe that the situation will be resolved if my wife says she forgives you, Colonel Ye”

Lu Xingzhi looked at Colonel Ye, who was standing beside him, clenching his fists and enduring patiently.

He was too lazy to waste more of his breath on the man.

“I have something to ask your son.”

“Dad, I want to go home.”

The little chubby kid immediately cried out in fear when he saw Lu Xingzhi glance at him.

“Dad, I want to go home.

I dont want to stay here.”

Then, the kid wanted to run out of the room, but Zhou Junmin, who was outside the door, stopped him.

“My son did push her.

What else do you want to ask” Colonel Ye was puzzled.

Many people had seen that with their own eyes.

He knew that there was no use in denying it..


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