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Jiang Yao sneered, “Hes young Is that an excuse for him to harm someone else Hes only six years old, but hes already hurting other people as he wishes.

Who gave him the right The country Or the law Did you tell him he could hurt other people If I died, would you still say that he is young and insensible That he didnt do it on purpose Should we look up from the underworld and tell you its fine And we forgive you”

“Doctor Jiang, I understand your feelings, but you and your baby are fine, right”

Colonel Ye did not wait for Jiang Yao to speak; he shouted at the door, “Come in.”

Then, his wife brought the timid six-year-old chubby boy into the room.

Colonel Ye immediately pulled his son.

“Kneel and apologize to Auntie Jiang!

Ask her to forgive you!

Then, Colonel Ye pressed his son to kneel before Jiang Yaos bed.

Jiang Yao was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

Was Colonel Ye shameless enough to force her

‘Fine! Thats good!

Did he want to force her to forgive him so that he could tell everyone in the army base that she had already forgiven his son Did he do that so that everyone would stop blaming his son

Jiang Yao pointed at Colonel Ye as she trembled.

“All of you, get out!” She was so angry that her fingers were shaking.

Then, she fainted.


Lu, Mrs.

Lu, and the others were watching from the side, wanting to let Jiang Yao handle the matter.

Colonel Yes actions made them angry, but they did not expect to see Jiang Yao pass out before Colonel Ye left.

“Get out! Get out! You didnt kill her, but youve made her pass out! Get out! Get out!” Mrs.

Jiang was so angry that she was crying.

She went forward and pushed Colonel Ye out of the room.

The six-year-old child was stunned for a few seconds before crymg out loud.


Jiang did not show him any mercy; she dragged the child out with her.


Lu, Mrs.

Lu, and Mr.

Jiang guarded the door with Mrs.


“All of you, leave!”


Then Mrs.

Lu hurriedly called for the doctor.

“Doctor! Doctor! My daughter-in-law has fainted! ”


Lu called for a nurse passing by and said, “Dont let those people near my daughter-in-laws room.

She fainted because of them! If I see them near my daughter-in-laws room again, Ill call the police!”

The nurse quickly dragged Colonel Ye and his family away when she heard that.

When those three people left, Jiang Yao opened her eyes and called out to the people standing at the door.

“Dad, Mom, Im fine.

I pretended to faint just now!” Jiang Yaos tone was unlike a person who had just fainted moments ago.

“Colonel Ye is too infuriating.

He made his son kneel and beg for my forgiveness.

He thought that he could force me to forgive him.

Ill just faint if he continues to force me to do that.

Ill make his crime worse!”

They almost caused her to have a miscarriage, and she even ended up in the hospital.

Then, they made her faint from anger.

Jiang Yao wanted to see how Colonel Ye would explain to others what he had done after he returned to the army base..


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