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The soldier turned around to look at the person speaking to him.

Then, he said, “They cant save the baby.

I didnt even know she was pregnant.

She didnt know either.

This is my fault.

Its all my fault for not taking good care of her.

Its all my fault for not taking good care of myself and our baby.

She will hate me.”

Even though the soldier did not hit himself anymore, his mood did not improve.

Lu Xingzhi stood with him for a while.

When he saw that there was nothing to do, he was about to go back and accompany Jiang Yao when an elderly nurse walked toward them angrily with a report in her hand.

She gave the person beside him a good scolding.

“Whats wrong with you Even if you dont want the baby, you can do an abortion at the hospital.

Do you think this is okay because you are you You cant just take any random medicine to abort the baby.

Dont you know that can kill someone Dont you know some people can no longer have children because of these medicines You are a soldier.

One would think you are a responsible person.

Youre married but not in a hurry to have children.

Cant you be more careful Wait if you are not in a hurry to have children.

How dare you buy abortion drugs yourself”

The nurses anger was obvious.

She rolled up the report in her hand and slapped it on her palm.

“This was delivered on time.

If it came later, who knows what else would happen

“What Abortion medicine

The soldier shook his head and said, “We didnt take any abortion medicine! My wife and I have been married for half a year and want to have a child.

Wed be happy if we knew she was pregnant.

Why would we want an abortion My wife was fine during the day, but she suddenly told me at night that she felt a slight pain in her stomach.

At first, I thought that she had eaten something bad.

Later, she said she was bleeding and couldnt stand up from the pain.

I sent her to the military doctor only to find out that she had a miscarriage.

We didnt even know that she was pregnant.

Why would we take abortion medicine

The nurse thought the soldier did not look like he was lying, and he looked sorrowful from the knowledge that they had lost their baby.

The nurses expression softened.

She said, “But according to the results from the check-up, your wifes miscarriage was caused by abortion drugs.

She must have taken those drugs.”

“That cant be.

Is the result wrong” The soldier shook his head with certainty.

“My wife wouldnt take any abortion drug.”

“The result is correct.”

The head nurse flattened the results sheet and looked at the emergency room.

The result was correct.

How could the husband say his wife did not take any abortion drug Did his wife take it without his knowledge


“The army sent two more women over.

Are they here yet” Lu Xingzhi suddenly asked.

“His wife was his childhood sweetheart, and they grew up together.

They have been married for about half a year, and they are very close.

His wife wouldnt have taken the drugs secretly..”


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