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If she had allowed herself to slack off because she did not think it was necessary, she would lose her baby, the child she and Lu Xingzhi had been looking forward to for a long time.

“Fortunately, you reacted very quickly to cushion your fall.

Otherwise, your stomach might have hit the ground first.

We might need a miracle to save your baby then,” the System Admin said.

“You need to treat the wounds on her arms and knees.

Otherwise, it will get infected.

After treating the wounds, lie down on the bed and rest.”

The System Admin chased Jiang Yao out.

The military doctor arrived in a flash.

The doctor had already arrived when she emerged from the system.

Lu Xingzhi hugged her tightly, her ears ringing with the sound of him conversing with the military doctor.

“You must protect the child…”Support our Bonnovel.com

His voice was trembling, just like the hand he used to feed her with the water bottle.

He used a lot of strength to wrap his fingers around her shoulders.

It felt as if he was about to press his fingers into her shoulders.

“Colonel Lu, dont be anxious.

Lets take a look at the situation first.

The military doctor heard that someone had pushed Colonel Lus wife.

She fell to the floor, and her stomach hit the ground.

She hugged her stomach and cried out in pain; there seemed to be blood on her dress.

“Child… ”

Lu Xingzhis heart clenched as he looked at the person in his arms; she did not move, and her face was pale.

His eyes sank, and he changed his words.

“Its okay if you cant save the baby, but you must save my wife.

Even though it was a decision the military doctor would have to make, Jiang Yao was still pretty early into her pregnancy.

He would try his best to save the child, but he would also prioritize the mothers safety.

However, he learned that Lu Xingzhi would save the mother over the child.

The doctor sighed discreetly.

It seemed like Colonel Lu loved Doctor Jiang deeply.

“It doesnt look too serious.

The military doctor checked over Jiang Yao.

“The situation shouldnt be too serious.

Someone saw her taking some medicine, right She is also a doctor.

Im sure she handled it in time.

There is no more bleeding.

She should be fine for the time being.

However, just in case, Colonel Lu should send Doctor Jiang to the hospital for a detailed check-up.

We have limited equipment here.

We cant do anything else.”

“Colonel, Ill get the car!”

Xiao Shan immediately stood up when he heard that.

However, Jiang Yao managed to pull Xiao Shans sleeve.

“Theres no need.”


Then, she looked at Lu Xingzhi.

“Carry me home.”

“She is awake!”

Xiao Shan was surprised and happy when he saw that Jiang Yao had woken up.

“Doctor Jiang, are you not going to the hospital”

The military doctor shook his head.

“You still have to go to the hospital in your current condition.

Let Xiao Shan drive you.

I will treat the wounds on your hands and feet.

It was fortunate that you were able to break your fall with your hand.

But look at your elbows.

Those wounds dont seem light.

It might get infected if we dont treat them now.

“Xiao Shan, get the car.” Lu Xingzhi finally found his voice.

Then, he comforted Jiang Yao in a low voice, “I know you are in pain.

Lets go to the hospital.

When the doctor says everything is fine, we will go home.”

When he saw Jiang Yaos unwilling gaze, he coaxed her gently.

“Be good.

Be obedient.

I wont be at ease if we dont go to the hospital..


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