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The morning sunlight was spectacular.

It gently shone on the two people.

Shao Fucheng would not have been able to tell that she was pregnant if he had not heard the news.

She was as beautiful as the first time he saw her.

He could not help but take another look at her.

Shao Fucheng turned around and followed them.

However, he kept a distance from them.

He watched as the two people walked hand in hand to their destination as if there was no one else around.Support our Bonnovel.com

The martial arts competition venue was outside.

After Lu Xingzhi received his number from drawing lots, he held Jiang Yaos hand as he tried to find a seat for her.

The sun was not hot yet.

However, the sun would be too hot to bear after less than an hour.

However, the venue was empty.

Lu Xingzhi searched all around but could not find a suitable place for Jiang Yao to sit down and rest.

When he turned around, he saw that Jiang Yaos head was already sweating.

After Jiang Yao became pregnant, she seemed more afraid of the heat than before.

He sounded a little regretful that he called Jiang Yao out.

“Why dont you go home”

Although Lu Xingzhi was hesitant, it was preferable to let Jiang Yao return home and wait than to endure the sun.

“Im already here.

Do you want me to go home now “Jiang Yao shook her head repeatedly.

“I dont want to.”

She pointed to the front.

“Theres still no sun over there.

Lets go there and wait.

They will call your number soon.

It shouldnt be long.

Jiang Yao pointed at the water station, and there was a woman there.


“If you feel uncomfortable, you have to tell me.” Lu Xingzhi reminded her before holding Jiang Yaos hand and walking toward the water station.

Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao could be considered minor celebrities in the army.

When the old woman saw the two of them, she greeted them with a smile.

“Colonel Lu, you have a match in the morning, right Then Im very lucky to be here.

Everyone says that Colonel Lu is the number one in martial arts.

I can finally see you in action today.”

There were two chairs under the table.

One was for the old lady to sit on, and the other was for Jiang Yao.

He reached out and touched the pot of water.

When the old lady saw it, she smiled and said, “The water has been here for a while.

The temperature is just right now.

Get some for your wife.

Otherwise, there wont be enough water when there are more people, and the water delivered later will be too warm.

Since most had just arrived, not many people wanted to drink water.

The water had been here for half an hour, and the old woman had stayed idle at that station.

Lu Xingzhi thought it made sense, and then he reached out to Jiang Yao.

“Give me the bottle, and Ill fill one for you.

Lu Xingzhi did not bring water for Jiang Yao since he knew there would be water stations everywhere.

He only asked her to carry an empty bottle.

That water stations were set up for the family members visiting the soldiers.

The purpose was to let the families feel the warmth of the troops.

However, it was convenient for everyone.

After all, the weather was so hot that everyone would want to have a sip of water when they got off the field..


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