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It was preferable to owe Jiang Yao than to owe Zhou Hailan.

The latter was far too powerful and would demand restitution.

Du Chen owed her a favor and was eager to repay it.

Otherwise, Zhou Hailan might use him in the future.

Jiang Yao held her phone and did not answer.

Instead, she looked at Lu Xingzhi.

The room was quiet.

Lu Xingzhi was close to her, so he could hear what Du Chen had said on the phone.

“Du Chen.”Support our Bonnovel.com

His voice was cold and stern.

“Ill do you this favor, but you have to promise that after I let Zhou Hailan off, she will not do anything behind my back to make me deal with her again.

You must tell Zhou Hailan that there will not be a second time.

If she were to offend me again, it would not be as simple as this time.”

“Of course.

Even though Lu Xingzhis voice was icy, Du Chen was almost touched by Lu Xingzhis words.

It was rare that he could get that from Lu Xingzhi.

“Ill let her off.

I wont suppress her anymore, but I wont help make any statements for her.”

Lu Xingzhi laughed mockingly.

“She seems very capable.

She must be able to handle the matter of the photos herself.

“Okay,” Du Chen agreed.

No matter what, Lu Xingzhi had promised not to continue suppressing Zhou Hailan.

As for the other matters, they were the same for him.

The photos were half-truths.

All she needed to do was find the original photos and send them with her statement.

If those half-truths were proven to be fake, the real ones would also become fake.


As for the report about the assistant criticizing Zhou Hailan, there was nothing he could do about it.

The assistant had worked for Lu Xingzhi, so he could not make her say something beneficial to Zhou Hailan.

Du Chen would have to face the repercussions if he did something threatening to the assistant.

He was not a stupid person.

He was only returning a favor to Zhou Hailan.

It was not like he was willing to do everything for her.

Even if he could, he was not willing.

Jiang Yao only found out the following day that Zhou Hailan had left around 11 oclock the previous night.

It was not long after Du Chen had called her.

Zhou Hailan was quite competent.

In just one night, several of Jindo Citys newspapers had published a statement that included the original video.

Chen Xuyao was the one who delivered the news from Jindo City to Jiang Yao.

However, Jiang Yao did not pay much attention to it.

She put away her phone and focused her attention on Lu Xingzhi.

There was an opening ceremony before the skill competition officially began.

Aside from the army personnel, their family members were also watching on the vast field.

The army rarely held such events, so the field was filled with people.

It was even more lively than the New Year celebration..


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