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Chapter 2033: A Tooth For A Tooth

He had also sent his daughter, Ye Xueli, back to their hometown.

He had arranged for Ye Xueli to stay there so that Jiang Yao and Lu Xingzhi would never see her again.

He thought that the matter would end there.

He did not expect that news of Ye Xuelis actions would spread in their hometown even before her arrival.

Once Ye Xueli returned to her hometown, others criticized and ridiculed her.

Even her family members were bullied and humiliated.

Colonel Yes plan of finding a good husband for Ye Xueli in his hometown had also failed.

Ye Xuelis reputation had been destroyed; who would want to marry her

Ye Xueli had been a teacher in the city, so Colonel Ye had hoped that his connections would be able to find her a teaching job in their hometown.

He also relied on his connections to change the information in Ye Xuelis file.

That was why Ye Xueli was not worried about finding a new job there.

However, all of those plans had fallen through.

Even though he could still use his connections to get Ye Xueli a teaching job, it seemed like all her new colleagues would know that she had been fired from a school in Luo City due to her questionable morals.

She could work there, but no students or parents would listen to her.Support our B0nn0vel.c0m

“Colonel Lu, Xueli is just a woman.

Isnt it cruel to ruin her like that Isnt this a

little harsh” Colonel Yes expression was a little cold.

Jiang Yao glanced at Lu Xingzhi in surprise.

She did not say anything and just stood there as if it had nothing to do with her.

Lu Xingzhi did everything for her.

She could not blame him for doing the right thing or the wrong thing for any of the outsiders.

After Lu Xingzhi heard what Colonel Ye said, he only raised his eyebrows and snorted.

“I dont understand you, Colonel Ye.

The chief did ask Ye Xueli to write an apology letter, but did she write it You were the one who wrote it, Colonel Ye.

I did agree when you said that the matter would end there.”

Lu Xingzhi put his hands in the pockets of his apron, looking like a family man.

He did not look fierce at all.

Instead, he seemed to be easier to get along with than ever.

“But how can I control what others say Ye Xueli had dared to do what she had done, so why would she be afraid of what others say about it How can I control what other people say about it” Lu Xingzhi would not admit what he had done.

Everyone knew that he was the one who had done that.

So what If he did not admit it, who could do anything to him


A tooth for a tooth—who did not know that

He used the method Ye Xueli used to hurt his wife and son to return the favor.

“Colonel Lu, lets not beat around the bush.

You must have done it; no one else would do that.” Colonel Ye was a little anxious with anger.

If Lu Xingzhi did not admit it, it meant that Lu Xingzhi would not back down just because he was there to discuss it.

“If you say I did it, then I did it.

Ye Xueli made up those words to hurt my wife and son.” Lu Xingzhi chuckled a little coldly.

“Even my wife and son can endure those humiliations.

Why cant Ye Xueli take it Is she more precious than my wife and child”

“Lu Xingzhi! You have to be lenient when doing things so we can still work together in the future.

Do you need me to teach you that” Colonel Ye could only use threats when he saw Lu Xingzhis stubborn look.

“Ive been in this unit longer than you..

My connections in Luo City arent worse than yours!”

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