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Chapter 2029: Unpopular

The snacks were still warm.

Jiang Yao picked up a piece and put it in her mouth.

She took a small bite, and it melted in her mouth.

The sweetness reached her heart.

“I dont understand something, Lu Xingzhi Why would you want me to take leave to watch you compete”

“You dont want to watch your men dominate other contestants”

Lu Xingzhi asked as he looked at Jiang Yao.

Her head was lowered as she ate the snacks, so he reached out to take her wrist and brought it to his mouth.

He ate the remaining one-third of the snack in one bite and even deliberately bit and licked her fingertips.

“Its really delicious.”Support our Bonnovel.com

Jiang Yao listened to Lu Xingzhis comments and felt that his words had a hidden meaning.

She twitched her wrist and realized that he was still holding it.

Jiang Yaos ears burned when she thought of his actions of biting and licking her.

“Why dont you let go”

Jiang Yao only realized how soft her voice was when she opened her mouth.

She glanced at him unhappily when he laughed.

Hearing his deep laughter, she glanced at him unhappily.

However, when her eyes met his, she felt extremely weak and quickly averted her gaze.

‘Why didnt I notice that the man looks like a demon

His eyes were so deep that they could seduce people.

Jiang Yao swore that she did not notice it in the past.

“Many of the soldiers relatives arrived today, so it should be quite lively.” Lu Xingzhi changed the topic when he realized that Jiang Yao felt embarrassed.



Jiang Yao let out a long sigh.

“I dont seem to have a good relationship with people.”

She was right.

“At least we had Mrs.

Lin while we were in Jin City.

And she always had the other ladies with her.

It seems like we dont get along with anyone here.”

Jiang Yao did not say that casually.

At Nanjiang City Medical University, besides her roommate, she had no other friends.

She did not have any friends there either.

“Its okay: If you can get along with someone, you can spend more time with them.

If you cant, then just forget about it.” Lu Xingzhi comforted her.

He did not need Jiang Yao to be diplomatic for his sake.

He could handle that by himself.

It would be good if Jiang Yao could find a friend in the army base; at least she would not be bored.

However, she should not force it if she could not find anyone.

Some people were just destined to be friends.

Furthermore, Jiang Yao was always slow to warm up to another person.

“Oh, right! This morning, Ruoran sent me two photos of her son.

Look!” Jiang Yao suddenly thought of that matter and stopped eating the snacks.

She put the snacks away and took her phone from her pocket.

She clicked on the message Luo Ruoran sent and handed it to Lu Xingzhi.

“Pale and delicate, he looks like your big brother!”

When Luo Ruorans son was born, he was paler than other babies.

Then he had gotten even fatter and cuter.

The childs facial features were becoming more like Liang Yuezes, especially when he furrowed his brows.

It was like he had synchronized his expression with his fathers.

When Jiang Yao saw that photo, her heart softened.

Lu Xingzhi glanced at it and replied indifferently, “Oh.”

“Dont you think he is very cute”

Jiang Yao was not very satisfied with Lu Xingzhis reaction..

“Dont you feel like huggmg and kissing him”

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