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Chapter 2025: Im Not Mad At You

“What did I do that made you want to beat me to death since I was young” Ye Xueli said, her eyes blazing with rage.

“I only said a few words.

Did those words have any serious impact on Jiang Yao Is she the only one allowed to speak

“I only said a few words.

What right do they have to say that about me Did I kill someone or rob someone What right do they have to dismiss me” Ye Xueli covered her face and cried.

“My job at the school is gone.

What should I do in the future”

Next door, Jiang Yao was dumbfounded when she heard that.

How could there be such a shameless person in the world

If she were Colonel Ye and had a daughter like Ye Xueli, she would have drowned her in a cesspool!

After all, she would grow up to be such a disgusting person anyway!

Disgusting!Support our Bennovel.com

Jiang Yao was so angry that she punched Lu Xingzhi in the chest twice to vent her anger.

Lu Xingzhi was confused when his wife hit him.

Jiang Yao did not have much strength.

Her attack was like helping Lu Xingzhi scratch an itch.

Jiang Yao had been sleeping just moments before she started to hit him, so Lu Xingzhi was very confused.

She even hugged him like he was her pillow.

Her expression changed the moment she opened her eyes.

A pregnant woman will throw a tantrum in the middle of her sleep.

Why did Lu Xingzhi not remember that from a book

Some pregnant womens tempers were volatile and emotional, but none of the books mentioned that they would change while they were asleep.

“Im not asleep yet!”

Jiang Yao bared her teeth.

“Im not mad at you.

Im just angry at what Ye Xueli said next door.”

Lu Xingzhi was relieved when he heard Jiang Yao say that it had nothing to do with him.

“What did she say

Lu Xingzhi was already used to Jiang Yaos special abilities.

He would never ask if she did not offer any explanation.

Jiang Yao repeated every word that Ye Xueli had said.

Then she asked, “You were the one who did the things at Ye Xuelis school, right”


It was the same way with how a military doctor would have a record.

Therefore, Jiang Yao could only think of Lu Xingzhi.

“Yes,” Lu Xingzhi said.

“The order was passed down in the middle of the night last night.

Ye Xueli left the army base early this morning.

When she arrived at the school, they blocked her from entering it.”

“Im relieved.”

Jiang Yao almost wanted to clap her hands and cheer for Lu Xingzhi.

Her eyes were like twinkling stars.

Then, she moved closer to his lips, touching them gently.

“Well done!”

Lu Xingzhi would probably never get tired of receiving such a compliment.

His heart softened when he looked at his soft and delicate wife.

When Colonel Ye heard his daughter say such unrepenting words and insisted that it was someone elses fault, he immediately lost the mood to teach her a lesson.

A lesson was only useful if it could teach someone to get on the right path.

However, it was useless to teach a remorseless person, even if they did not know if they had made a mistake.

Colonel Ye listened to his eldest daughters crying.

His raging emotions gradually faded and were replaced by disappointment..

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