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The guard thought carefully and said, “Miss Ye, you must have offended someone.

You must have really offended them.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have done that to you for no reason.

I can give you some advice.

Think about who youve offended recently.

Go and apologize.

Isnt your father a colonel A senior military officer Tell your father to help you quickly.”

Everyone in the school knew that Ye Xuelis father was a colonel in the army.

He was a prominent military officer, so the teachers in the school usually listened to Ye Xueli and avoided her.

They did not expect Ye Xueli, who seemed to have the strongest backing, to have such an ending.

Ye Xueli did not even take her things.

She was afraid students and teachers would appear at the school if she left late.

She left the school in a panic.

She did not even hear the guard chasing after her and shouting for her to take her box of things.

Ye Xueli did not even need to ask or investigate to know who did it.

Other than Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao, who else could it be Support our Bonnovel.com

However, she did not expect Lu Xingzhi and Jiang Yao could be so ruthless in just one night.

Since she could not return to school, Ye Xueli had nowhere else to go.

Therefore, she wandered around the city for a day.

Finally, she returned to the army base with her tail between her legs.

The army had already decided the punishment for the soldier and those two women.

The soldier was given a demerit and had to write a report on the incident.

At the same time, the two women had to write a letter of apology to Jiang Yao.

Not only did the letter of apology need to be well-written, but it also had to be serious and sincere.

It could not be a half-hearted effort.

That was not a problem for the soldier.

After all, he had said bad things about others behind their backs.

Then, he also realized that he had done something similar rather crudely.

So, he wrote the letter of apology willingly and sincerely.

However, that apology letter stumped the two women.

They were from the countryside.

Xiao Lins wife only attended four years of school, and Da Lins wife was illiterate.

They found it genuinely challenging to write that letter.

They could have apologized verbally.

How could they write the letter if they did not have the words for it


What was the difference between that and making a mute speak Did they want to make things difficult for them

However, Jiang Yao was satisfied with the results.

The two women had to learn how to write the letters by themselves.

The whole army base knew about that in just one day.

They wondered about the heavy punishment for something that was said in private.

However, was the apology letter that heavy of a punishment

It did not involve scolding, beatings, monetary penalties, or sending anyone away.

They only wanted an apology letter.

How could they possibly describe the punishment as severe

If one thought the punishment was severe, then there was something wrong with their conscience..


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