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Xiao Shan almost burst out laughing.

That chiefs way of asking questions was exceptional.

He asked in different parts and even asked about a paternity test.

Was it not apparent that he was accusing Ye Xueli of having no evidence of what she had said, and she was speaking irresponsibly

“Stop pretending.

We heard that you spoke about it with some of the other women in the army base.” Xiao Shan sneered, “Why are you still pretending to be stupid Is it useful”

“Ye Xueli, I did hear you and some women say that Colonel Lus wifes baby is not his.

She got pregnant because her kidnappers raped her.

Your words were so eloquent that those women gasped in admiration.” The soldier stood up.

“Xiao Shan is right.

Stop pretending.

I only just figured out you are so vicious.”

“What did I say”

Ye Xueli was furious.

“Why would I say something like that”

Then, Ye Xueli turned to the chief and said, “He must have said that because he has a grudge against me.

I rejected him after he confessed to me! I really dont even know what you are talking about.”

Lu Xingzhi looked at that soldier in surprise, and the mans face reddened.

He straightened his neck and said, “Would I have said anything if I knew you were such a vicious person Im a man.

Do you think Id be so petty to frame you because you rejected my advances May I be struck by lightning if I told a lie today.

I would die a horrible death! My entire family will die if I falsely accuse you! Do you dare make such a vicious vow Do you dare

“I can do it.

Im not afraid.” Ye Xueli was forced to speak candidly.

“If I were


The bureau chief was so angry that he interrupted Ye Xueli.

He did not see that that girl could be so vicious as to say such words.

Was she not afraid of such words coming true

“Chief, if she doesnt admit it, we can get those women to confront her.”

Ye Xuelis attitude angered that soldier.

“Im familiar with two of the women.

One is from the Xiao Lin family, and the other is from the Da Lin family!

“Chief, lets go get them.” Lu Xingzhi stood there as if he was not anxious.

Ye Xueli and that soldier were arguing, but he did not say anything.

It was only at that moment that he opened his mouth to say something.


The chief raised his eyebrows and looked at Lu Xingzhi.

He knew that he was not afraid of making a big deal out of that.

The chief nodded.

It was not a small matter.

After Jiang Yao heard that, she was not in a hurry to rush to the chiefs office.

Instead, she continued to stand there and listen to the situation in the building.

She stood in the dark, and no one noticed her.

However, she did not seem very surprised by Ye Xuelis attitude.

She did not think of Ye Xueli as an elementary school teacher.

She was immoral, shameless, and so vicious.

She was not even surprised when she learned it was Ye Xueli because that woman was too shameless..


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