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Furthermore, the chief believed that his soldiers would not be so cowardly as to pick a woman to blame if something went wrong.

Therefore, Ye Xueli was undoubtedly involved in that situation.

Ye Xueli happened to return to the army base over the weekend.

She had already showered and was ready to sleep.

However, she was invited to the office by the chiefs assistant.

Colonel Ye had been out of town for the past two days and was not at home.

Otherwise, if he knew that the chief had invited Ye Xueli to have a chat at night, he would probably have followed her.Support our Bonnovel.com

Ye Xuelis panicked expression did not last for more than two seconds.

She followed the man and deliberately walked slowly.

Then, she smiled as she spoke, “Why is the chief looking for me so late at night”

If that were any other time, the man would have smiled at Ye Xueli, if only for Colonel Yes sake.

However, when he thought the woman must have spread those vicious rumors, his righteous heart won.

He replied coldly, “I dont know.”

The two of them did not have any other interactions along the way.

It was not that Ye Xueli did not say anything, but the man did not reply to any of her questions.

Ye Xueli was not stupid.

She felt the mans attitude toward her.

He was disgusted with her, and he did not even hide it.

Ye Xueli grew hesitant.

When they arrived at the chiefs office, Ye Xueli realized that Lu Xingzhi was also there.

A thought flashed through her mind.

She looked at her own clothes.

She thought that it was fortunate that she had chosen a new dress that perfectly accentuated her beautiful figure.



Ye Xueli greeted the chief first when she walked through the door.

She did not dare act rashly in front of the man.

She averted her gaze away from Lu Xingzhi for a few seconds, even though she was reluctant to do so.

Then, she said,

“Colonel Lu, youre here too.

I heard that youve been ill.

Are you better now

You command a team, so you must take care of your health.”

There did not seem to be any problem with her words.

She was concerned about others, but she could see Lu Xingzhis heart too.

Anyone who knew about it would feel disgusted.

The bureau chief frowned when he saw Ye Xueli.

Lu Xingzhi was attractive, and he was the type of guy that appealed to women.

It did not matter who preferred whom if a man and a woman were both single, but the point was that Lu Xingzhi had a wife.

It would be inappropriate if Ye Xueli had such thoughts about him.

One might not be able to control their thoughts about the people they loved, and that was fine.

However, one should at least pretend to be decent in front of other people..


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