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“Yes, Colonel!” Xiao Shan immediately accepted the order; it was only one night in the lock-up.

He would be out the next day.

It was not like he would starve or freeze.

His level of training was up to the colonel.

Lu Xingzhi brought the two other men to the chief in the middle of the night.

Most people would want to hide such a shameful matter.

Most men would not want to hear it, let alone speak about it.

However, Lu Xingzhi was not afraid.

He knew that the baby was his, and he knew that the kidnappers did not rape Jiang Yao.

So, he was not scared of the rumors.

“Dont you know our rules”Support our Bennovel.com

The chief slammed the table angrily.

The force shook the table so much that even the folder on the table moved.

One could see how angry he was.

“You dare to say such words Why Do you want to get court-martialed You dont think the rules apply to you” The rules not only apply to the soldiers but also to their families.

Jiang Yao was Colonel Lus wife, and she was also pregnant.

Yet, someone slandered her with those rumors so maliciously.

Those people did not know how to respect the other military families on the army base.

Perhaps there was something wrong with the armys ethos.

The two men also realized the seriousness ot the problem after the chiet scolded them.

They were not even discussing an ordinary person.

Even if it involved the wife of a soldier, it was never good if the chief had to deal with it.

They had the audacity to gossip about a colonels wife.

One of the soldiers was quick to defend himself.

“Chief, we didnt say that.

Everyone in the entire unit is talking about it.

We only mentioned a few words when we came out to get some fresh air.

We also heard it from other people.” “Who did you hear it from” Zhou Junmin quickly asked.


Lu Xingzhi and the others thought it would take some time for the rumors to spread.

They did not expect that soldier to reveal where they heard it from immediately.

The name surprised everyone.

It did not seem like there was someone who was that surprised.

“Colonel Yes daughter, Ye Xueli.”

The soldier answered quickly.

“I heard her talking to an older lady when I passed by the snack shop a few days ago.

She said she lived next door to

Colonel Lu, so she knew about it.

She also said

That person hesitated and did not dare to say it out loud.

“Continue the chief said.

He furrowed his brow when he heard that name..


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