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Chapter 200: Sell It and Thats Your Pocket Money

“Yes, of course! Master Lu, we, the Qi family, are businessmen.

Honesty is the foundation of our empire.”

Qi Xiang couldnt help but shudder as Lu Xingzhi stared at him.

He had never met anyone as terrifying as Lu Xingzhi, whose glare alone was like a large boulder crushing him to the point that he couldnt move.

The Qi family did not dare execute any harmless pranks anymore.

All he had done was have an evil thought about Jiang Yao plus a failed attempt at flirting with her, and just for that, the bloody price was a freaking hospital.

If the Qi family dared to do anything to irritate the renowned Hades Lu again, he was worried that their business empire and family would be destroyed beyond repair.

However, Qi Xiang felt a little bitter about Lu Xingzhis remarks.

Lu Xingzhi had hinted that there should be no personnel changes after Jiang Yao got hold of the equity of the hospital.

Even if there were doctors or staff who wanted to resign, whether or not their reasons were related to the new chairman, the Qi family would have to appease them to stay.

Lu Xingzhi spared Qi Xiangs life for the Huang familys sake.

Qi Xiang also knew that Lu Xingzhi abhorred him for his vile desire at the mans wife—it was absolutely unacceptable for any man, hence, he didnt intend to overstay his welcome.

After signing the agreement, Qi Xiang quickly left with his lawyer.

“It feels like a dream.

In just the blink of an eye, Ive become a rich person who owns a hospital,” Jiang Yao giggled chicly while waving the agreement in her hand.

“A rich person” Lu Xingzhi squinted at Jiang Yao in slight mockery.

“You, as my woman, cannot have such a low standard.

Its just a hospital, its not even close to calling yourself a rich person.”

Jiang Yao wasnt sure about the exact number of businesses in Lu Xingzhis hands, however, one thing was for sure—his money was abundant.

Thus, although Lu Xingzhi was quite obviously mocking her with a hint of contempt, she was convinced that he was not blowing his own horn.

In his eyes, the value of the hospital was insignificant.

“From now on, the development of the hospital will be in your hands.

If you have any ideas, just do anything you like with it.

If youre lazy, either have someone to assist you with the management or just sell it.

The money can be used as your pocket money.”

Lu Xingzhi didnt expect Jiang Yao to earn money.

He was good at generating a lucrative income himself, he wouldnt let his wife be short of money.

“Who would I sell it to” Jiang Yao shook her head.

“No, I want to keep it for myself, I dont want to sell it.”

“You could sell it back to the Qi family.

The hospital is theirs, to begin with.

Im sure they would be more than happy to buy it back.” After pondering over the idea, Lu Xingzhi curled his lips into a mischievous smirk, as if finding out that his idea was sound.

“Think about it, how fun would it be if we let them spend a lot of money to buy back something that was originally theirs If you want to sell it, set a fixed price.

I bet they wouldnt have the guts to negotiate with you.”

“No, I dont want to sell it.” Jiang Yao shook her head again.

Although Lu Xingzhis idea was great to vent her frustration, why did she need so much money The hospital was a more exciting asset for her.

“Alright, just keep it if you dont want to sell it.

If you find that the hospital management is troublesome and it affects your studies, let me know, Ill arrange for some people to help you manage it.” Lu Xingzhi was just suggesting his idea in amusement.

If his darling wife didnt want to sell, he wouldnt force her.


“Since you want to keep it, I need your help,” Lu Xingzhi said, “Hire two people to work in the hospital.”

“Chen Zhibin” That was the first thing that appeared in Jiang Yaos mind.

Chen Zhibin had a high school diploma, which in this era, was neither low nor high.

“What job do you want to assign to him”

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