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Chapter 2007: Im Lucky

Moe laughed so hard in Jiang Yaos pocket that he almost suffocated.

“Stupid woman, how could you fall for such a stupid trick”

“Damn kid!”

Jiang Yao was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

Then, she stretched out her hand and squeezed Moe in her pocket.

After that, she walked in the direction of the snack bar as if she wanted to buy something.

Many people were sitting in the snack shop.

They had taken their dinner early and were chatting in the shade.

Many people would spend a few minutes talking to others when they went there to buy something.

It was not surprising when they saw Jiang Yao.

They quickly shut their mouths.

Some looked at Jiang Yaos face, and some looked at Jiang Yaos belly.

However, no one dared make eye contact with her.


Lu, what are you here to buy again”Support our Bennovel.com

The old woman from the snack shop quickly greeted her.

“I forgot to buy salt just now.

Give me two packets of salt.” Jiang Yao took some change and handed them to her.

She asked, “What were you guys talking about just now You seemed to be chatting happily.”

The old woman did not say anything, but one of the ladies there said, “Just some family matters.

Our lives are tough.

Were not like you, who married a good man like Colonel Lu.

He works hard daily and even has the time to cook you dinner when hes home.

I heard that he even washes your clothes.

You must have a lucky life, like a princess from ancient times.”

“Yeah, Im lucky.

I married a husband who dotes on me.

Hes worried that Im exhausted because Im pregnant, and I still have to attend classes.” Jiang Yao did not feel like they were mocking her.

However, the people there were so angry when they heard her words that they almost died.

After the old woman handed her the salt, she walked away with a smile.

Jiang Yao did not walk very fast.

She was there to take a walk, so she was strolling around.

The people sitting at the snack shop were envious of her.

They thought she behaved like a young miss from a wealthy family.

The lady who spoke to her then said, “A lazy woman like her would never be able to get married in our lifetime.

Shes still showing off.

As a woman, she doesnt do anything.

What does she have to show off”

“Thats right.

Ive never seen a man wash clothes, cook food, and serve a woman.

She still feels proud to say that! When I was pregnant with the two boys, I was still working until my due date arrived.

Which other woman would be as delicate as she”

“Whats the point of being arrogant when youre pregnant with a b*stard child

Hey, do you guys think Colonel Lu knows about that”

“He probably doesnt know, right If he knew, would he be able to stand it


Shes pregnant with an illegitimate b*stard child.

Would Colonel Lu forgive her if he knew about it”

“Dont be so vicious.

Jiang Yao was a kidnapped victim.

She was defiled, so she was also a victim.

Be careful, dont spout nonsense in front of her.

Its not easy for a girl like her to be kidnapped, defiled by the kidnappers, and then get pregnant with the kidnappers child.

Shes also suffering.

Whether Colonel Lu knows it or not, dont gossip in front of him.”

A rather kind-looking woman sighed and interrupted the lady.

“Just think about how much the army and the city caused a ruckus when she was kidnapped.

Then, you should be able to know just how much Colonel Lu loves her..”

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