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Lu Xingzhi finally realized that he was taking things for granted.

He quickly apologized.

“Well, five or six years later.

Lets buy clothes for our son.

Lu Xingzhi agreed that Jiang Yao would not get pregnant that quickly after she gave birth to their son.

A pregnancy would last nine months, and Jiang Yao should rest for one to two years after the birth of their son.

When she was finally pregnant with their daughter, it would be another four to five years before their baby girl could use those things.


Lu Xingzhi touched Jiang Yaos belly and asked, “This is a son Are you sure”

“Lets hope so.”

Jiang Yao covered her mouth and chuckled.

She finally persuaded Lu Xingzhi to take her side, wanting their firstborn to be a son.

A few days ago, Jiang Yao had been a little nervous when she went to the medical system for a check-up as she had nothing to do in the dormitory.

She got so excited when she confirmed that she was pregnant with a boy.


Her daughter would be so blessed to have a brother to dote on her in the future.

“I told you! When I said wed have a son, wed have a son!”

Lu Xingzhi was so proud that day.

After confirming the babys gender, Lu Xingzhi brought Jiang Yao to the baby boy section.

Lu Xingzhi was still enthusiastic even though he was no longer shopping for a baby girl.

He did not mind the babys gender as long as it was his and Jiang Yaos child.

He would buy anything for his child if he liked the item, from food to clothing items to toys.

He would put the item in their shopping trolley if Jiang Yao were even a little curious about it.

The salesperson was very happy when Lu Xingzhi bought things like he was not short of money.

It was probably the first time the salesperson had seen such a wealthy person after working for so long.

Lu Xingzhi carried big bags of baby clothes and supplies when they finally left the store.

However, he did not even think they were heavy.

He urged Jiang Yao to go to the shops for pregnant women next.

Jiang Yao was pregnant, but she did not have the time to get clothes and shoes to accommodate her pregnancy.

Winter would arrive soon.

Her belly would become bigger, and she would not be able to wear any of her summer clothes.

“Buy a few new undergarments.

I dont think your old ones will fit you anymore.” Lu Xingzhi gestured to Jiang Yao to look at that section..

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