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“Yes, yes, we have a few days off, right Classes will probably start again in two days.

All of you should also concentrate and study hard.

Professor Ouyang will be back tomorrow.

If he finds all of you tired when he comes back, do as you see fit.”

Therefore, after Jiang Yao finished speaking, Lu Xingzhi immediately put his arm around Jiang Yaos shoulder and went straight to the fourth floor.

Half of the shops on the fourth floor sold things for infants and pregnant women.

Li Hong watched as Jiang Yao was led away by her husband.

She turned around and muttered to Jing Mengjie, “Are all soldiers so rich these days Miss Jiangs husband can bring her to these stores to shop.”

“The clothes that Miss Jiang is wearing are not cheap.

They are from famous brands.” Liu Chao touched his chin.

“Didnt people say that Miss Jiangs husbands family was rich”

“Thats Miss Jiangs business.

Lets not talk about it.

Are we still shopping Otherwise, lets go for a drink.

The weather is so weird.

If it doesnt rain, its scorching,” Wu Boyan said.

“Yeah, I was wearing a coat yesterday.

Today, its so hot that I want to go swimming,” Li Hong said.

She tactfully stopped talking about Miss Jiang.

There were so many people there.

Perhaps someone knew Miss Jiang.

What if they heard it and told Miss Jiang about it

Compared to the fourth floor, the third floor was quieter.

There were not many shops that specialized in baby and pregnancy products.

Jiang Yao looked at Lu Xingzhi.

He behaved as if he was going to the supermarket to buy groceries.

She could not stop him.

“Lets wait until our baby learns to walk before getting a walker.

We can wait until he is almost two weeks old before buying any toy cars.

Now, we just need to buy some toys that will flash and make noises to attract him.

Jiang Yao facepalmed.

“Its too early to buy them now.

It will just sit there and collect dust.

Lu Xingzhi acted as if he did not hear her.

He asked the salesperson to pack the big items he wanted.

When he had bought enough, he held Jiang Yaos hand and walked toward the shop that sold childrens clothes and shoes.




They were all f*cking pink!

Lu Xingzhi bought baby clothes like he was buying cabbages.

The only difference was that he was purchasing pink cabbages!

“Lu Xingzhi, didnt you say that were having a son Why are you buying pink items Are we dressing our son in pink like a girl Dont even think about it.” Jiang Yao was about to explode as she removed the things Lu Xingzhi had put back in the basket.

“What are you doing”

Lu Xingzhi frowned unhappily and insisted on getting the things that Jiang Yao had put back.

“Im buying them for our future daughter.

Dont mind me.”

“What about the baby”

Jiang Yao pointed at her belly.

“Arent we here to buy things for him”

“Ill buy them for him after I buy my daughters things.

Theres no rush.

We have an afternoon to stroll around,” Lu Xingzhi replied.

Jiang Yao almost fainted.

What kind of person was he

Was he ignoring their son

Was he prioritizing their yet-to-be-conceived daughter


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