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Jiang Yao did not need anyone to accompany her 24 hours a day, so Lu Xingzhi went back to the study room to sleep after eating.

He was relieved.

Anyway, he wanted to bring Jiang Yao out if it did not rain in the afternoon.

So, he continued to sleep.

He wanted to have the strength to drive when he woke up.

Jiang Yao did not know what Lu Xingzhi was thinking.

After he went back to sleep, she went to the living room with a book.

Occasionally, she would be distracted enough to go to the study room to see if Lu Xingzhi still had a fever or if he wanted to have a drink of water in case he were awake.

Lu Xingzhi woke up when Zhou Junmin arrived with lunch.

When he woke up , the first thing he did was to open his eyes and look out the window.

After confirming that it was not raining, he raised his hand and punched the air twice.

He was in good spirits; he got off the bed in satisfaction and called out to

Jiang Yao, who was talking to Zhou Junmin in the living room.

“Yaoyao, Ill take you to the city after dinner.”

When Jiang Yao heard that, she immediately shrugged at Zhou Junmin.

“Do you think your colonel is still ill Dont worry, his fever has subsided, and he remembered that he wanted to bring me to the city.

I reckon that he has recovered quite a bit.

As for your comrades, are they still sick”

“A few of them are sick, and theyre in the infirmary now.”

Zhou Junmin had also caught a cold.

His nose was congested, and his voice had also changed.

“Wait a moment.

Ill get you some cold medicine.

Prevention and treatment need different medicines.” Jiang Yao told Zhou Junmin as she moved to the bedroom.

When she came out, she had a medicine bag in her hand.

“Ive written the dosage here—three times a day for fivo days.

The effect will be better than the one prescribed by the military doctor.

Dont worry.

There wont be any side effects.

“Of course.

I know you wont harm me.” Zhou Junmin was relieved to see Jiang Yao.

He took the medicine and left after saying goodbye to Lu Xingzhi.

Lu Xingzhis character was as good as his word.


He said that he would take Jiang Yao out.

So, after they ate, he drove Jiang Yao to the city.

After driving for an hour, he took Jiang Yao to the largest department store in the city.

The rain did not affect the city much.

There was a crowd in the department store that afternoon.

Perhaps they were there because they had been confined to the house for a few days due to the rain.

The business there was booming.

As soon as Jiang Yao entered the department store, she saw Li Hong and Jing Mengjie.

Liu Chao and a few other boys were also there.

Only Wang Meiyu was not with them.

“Miss Jiang, you are here to shop Did you have to stay at home due to the rain too, just like us” As soon as Liu Chao saw Jiang Yao, he greeted her with a cheeky smile.

Then, he looked at Lu Xingzhi and greeted him..

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