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The man, who had been coughing non-stop, had suddenly quieted down and stopped coughing.

He had been so quiet that the young soldier thought he was dead.

There was a piece of equipment in the medical system that was more effective in relieving the symptoms of the patients cough.

It could keep the patient calm and stop coughing.

However, she could not bring Shao Fucheng into the medical system.

Therefore, she could use spray-like medicine to reduce the negative pressure in his lungs.

It could help Shao Fucheng stop coughing so that he would not feel so uncomfortable.

When the young soldier heard that, he immediately took Jiang Yaos medicine and used it on Shao Fucheng, who seemed more comfortable after that.

He looked at Jiang Yao with appreciation.

“I have enough medicine for three days.

When you are done, you can ask for more from the doctors and nurses.

You need to use six bags of drips per day and not miss even one.

You should feel better in three days and slowly recover after that.”

Jiang Yao felt a little tired.

She would not have felt tired so quickly if it had been in the past.

However, she was pregnant.

Even though it was not obvious, she would still tire easily.

She straightened her back, and Zhou Junmin immediately walked toward her with a concerned look on his face.

“Are you alright Sit down and rest for a while.

Youve been busy for almost an hour.”

When Jiang Yao performed the acupuncture technique on Shao Fu Cheng, she had to maintain the same height and posture.

Zhou Junmin had been worried for her.

“Ill sit for two minutes to catch my breath.

Ill go back once the rain gets lighter.” Jiang Yao did not decline the offer and sat down on the chair that Zhou Junmin got for him.

“Are you leaving, Doctor Jiang Arent you staying to watch over Colonel Shao” The young soldier was a little disappointed.

He looked at Jiang Yao as if she was a goddess.

He would feel better if she stayed for Colonel Shao.

“She is pregnant.

She shouldnt stay for long.” Zhou Junmin shook his head.

“It is difficult for her.

She had to bend over to perform the acupuncture treatment for Colonel Shao, so she must be tired now.”

Zhou Junmin knew that Colonel Lu would be anxious if Jiang Yao continued to stay there.

“What Doctor Jiang is pregnant” The young soldier was extremely surprised.

Then, his face was full of gratitude.

“Thank you, Doctor Jiang.

You are pregnant, yet you still came to treat Colonel Shao in such heavy rain.

You even performed the acupuncture treatment on him for so long.”

The young soldier was sincere.

Jiang Yao smiled at the young soldier.

Even though she was tired, she thought that it was worth it.

Shao Fucheng looked at Jiang Yao with a complicated gaze.

His mind was full of thoughts, but his body did not have the same ideas.

At that moment, he did not even have the strength to speak.


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