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“Xiao Dings family has been found.”

Jiang Yao cleverly changed the topic.

He sat next to her.

If she did not say something else to attract his attention, that guy might start to attack her.

He always said that she was torturing him, so he had to get some benefits from her.

“So soon

Lu Xingzhi was surprised.

“Zhou Junmin told me that Xiao Ding only had very little information about his family, so it might be difficult to find them.

I didnt expect him to find them so soon.

Have you met his family What do you think of him How did Xiao Ding leave home and become a homeless child”

Lu Xingzhi liked Xiao Ding.

Therefore, compared to other children, Lu Xingzhi cared more about the boy, and he also paid more attention to Xiao Dings family.

If Xiao Dings family did not meet his expectations and did not satisfy him, he could arrange a new way out for Xiao Ding and place him with other foster families.

“Its Ding Xiaomei! Xiao Ding is Ding Xiaomeis brother, the one she has been looking for for a long time!” Jiang Yaos eyes lit up.

“Are you surprised Ding Xiaomeis family will be able to go to the city to pick up Xiao Ding personally.

Xiao Ding was also very excited when he talked to Ding Xiaomei.

Xiao Dings brothers and sisters treat him very well.

Once they heard that Xiao Ding had been found, they said they would pick him up personally and bring him home.”


It was more than a surprise.

It was simply too shocking.

Lu Xingzhi clicked his tongue to express the feelings in his heart.

It was a wonderful thing.

Jiang Yao had saved a child at the train station, but the childs mother turned out to be Brother Dings daughter.

The boy he had saved from the hands of Colonel Yes wife turned out to be Ding Xiaomeis younger brother, who had been looking for him for so long.

“Ding Xiaomeis family is very simple.” Lu Xingzhi commented, “Dingzi wont have a hard time with such a family.”

Ding Xiaomeis brothers and sisters, including her sister-in-law and brother-in -law, were not rich, but they were all simple and kind.

Xiao Ding had been away from home for many years, so it would be good if he could return to that family.

It was good that Dingzi could grow up in such a family.

It would be a great help for his temperament in the future.

“Everyone in the Ding family is good except for Brother Ding.”

Jiang Yao nodded.

That included Brother Dings mother and his wife.

They were good people.

Othervvise, they would not have cut off their relationship with Brother Ding because of his heinous crimes.

No matter how much money he earned, they would not have any contact with him..


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