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“Even a mountain will topple when one is sick—especially someone like you because you usually dont get sick.

Your illness is worse than anyone elses,” Jiang Yao scolded Lu Xingzhi.

“What did I tell you on the phone”

“I forgot.”

Lu Xingzhis confidence made Jiang Yao angry.

It was not that he had forgotten, but he did not take her words to heart.

He thought that he was strong.

Or perhaps, he remembered, but he did not have time to drink the tea.

“Who came just now”

Lu Xingzhi hugged her for a long time before releasing his hand and pushing Jiang Yao forward.

“Stay away from me.

I havent fully recovered yet.

I dont want to infect you.

“Why didnt you think about not that when you hugged me so tightly just now”

Jiang Yao tapped Lu Xingzhis head.

He eventually drew her hand over his, and she kissed his lips a couple of times.

Women were not the only ones who could become sick and fragile.

Men were sometimes the same way.

When Jiang Yao was not around, Lu Xingzhi would live roughly, like sleeping on the sofa.

When Jiang Yao was around, he would be more delicate.

He wanted to hug Jiang Yao, but he was afraid that he would infect Jiang Yao if he got too close to her.

He could only settle for the second -best and let Jiang Yao be within his sight.

Zhou Junmin sent another meal to the house.

He told Jiang Yao that there was no need for her help in the infirmary for the time being.

After sending Zhou Junmin away, Lu Xingzhi started to cook.

Jiang Yao, who had already finished her breakfast, could not leave the dining table during the meal.

She had to sit across from him and accompany him, even if she did nothing.

When he sat on the sofa and read the newspaper, she had to sit next to him.

He said that he did not have the strength to pick up the newspaper.

So, he stuffed the newspaper into Jiang Yaos hands and asked her to read it to him.

Jiang Yao almost threw the newspaper at his head.

It was so light that she did not need to use her strength to pick it up!

Where was her dignity

Did his fever go away last night

After listening to her read the newspaper, he felt sleepy again.

He wanted to go to sleep, but he insisted on going back to the study.

When he slept, he insisted on Jiang Yao sitting by his side.

He held Jiang Yaos hand to fall asleep.

“Youre like a chile!”

Jiang Yao had almost lost her temper because of Lu Xingzhis childish behavior..

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